Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day Six: Why am I doing this again!?!

Ok, today wasn't that bad. It was my "get back on track" day...not that I had derailed so far from the track yesterday. Today I was home, so I knew it would be easier to eat better. Although... home is where the Snack Monster lives, and it can strike at any time...wear away my will and force me to eat sweet and/or salty snacks. Ha ha! Not today Snack Monster! I ate cereal for breakfast and for lunch I enjoyed a nice bowl of a "healthy choice" chicken soup with rotini pasta. With a good dose of freshly ground black pepper, it ain't so bad. Oh, and I limited myself to FOUR crackers. I know! Such restraint! I got REALLY hungry after working out, so I turned to my old frienemy, the carrot, and a large glass o' water to curb the belly rumble. Dinner was steak (small portion for me), baked potato, salad and corn. I even tried a low-cal ketchup today (5 cal/tbsp) and couldn't tell the difference. I felt pretty full after dinner, but by nine I was hungry again. Still am. Drat. 

I think this was a very good day, especially since I did a longer workout. I TRIED to do an hour, but the ol' bod had other ideas. It was a really nostalgic workout today, actually. I dragged out my old step aerobics tape, Introduction to Step Training, I used over 10 years ago. I know this routine so well, I don't even have to really watch it. I remember when I first started using it in my 20s, I had a VERY hard time finishing the routine without stopping. I remember fast- forwarding through one section all the time 'cause it kicked my ass. Of course, it got easier as time passed. Today though, I was able to do it all no problem! YES! I am in better shape now, than when I started out exercising over 10 years ago. Makes me feel good. Take that 20-something-year-old self! I will admit, it was HARD. I looked in the mirror after, and it looked like I had suffered a horrible sunburn. My face was so pink! All my limbs were limp and noodle-like afterwards too. I may have to go easy on that routine at first. I am glad I knocked the dust of the old step though. 

Jason and I are doing our first shopping trip since I started this whole thing, so that will be a good chance for me to pick up some more fruit and veggies. The problem with the grocery shopping, is I will only have time to work out after dinner, and it's always a toughie to get off the couch after eating! Until then, there is only.....

Stats for the day:

Exercise: 45 min. HIGH INTENSITY (oh yeah, baby!)

Weight: 214 (no change for a bit, but I'm not surprised OR worried)

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RFlatstone said...

Wow! High intensity. That’s something to be proud of. A really big deal.

Well, you know my Sunday wasn’t so good. I feel of the wagon BIG TIME. Crazy binge eating. I’m writing this on Tuesday, so I speak in the retrospect. Believe me, I suffered the next day for my indiscretion … and so did my WIFE. If she survives, I wouldn’t be surprised if she divorces me!

So, take heart. You’re doing great! If it is any encouragement to you, you’re doing better than me – or at least you did on Sunday!