Monday, April 27, 2009

Day Seven: One Week Down BABY!!

Woo hoo! I am very happy to say that week one is OVA! I figure...about 19 weeks to go. Oh, yes, I can do it! 

First off, I have decided to ditch the Wii as my method of weighing in. It was giving really wonky readings, and I was trying three times in a row to get a proper weight, or at least one that SEEMED proper. Guess I will have to go low tech and use a regular scale. Darn it. 

Ok, food first. Usual breakfast and lunch, and those yummy raw carrots for a snack. I came home hungry, as usual. I decided to treat myself to a bag of these "Preventia" cookies I like. They have high fiber and anti-oxidants...oh, and they are dark chocolate. Mmmm. The bags are pre-portioned, too, so no chance of over-indulging. Jason and I had to go grocery shopping after work, and I made sure to pick up yogurt, grapes, (oy) more carrots  and apples. This gives me a few more options when the Snack Monster is lurking about. At the store we picked up a roast chicken for dinner. It comes with two sides and a baguette. We get two meals out of it for $10.  Pretty good, eh? We are just so thrifty. Thus,  dinner was roast chicken, salad and a bit of bread and macaroni salad. I tried to go easy on the latter two, for obvious reasons. No dessert thus far, and I think I'm ok with that! Oooh progress! 

It as really hard to get a workout in tonight. We went shopping right after work, so no time there. I decided to squeeze it in after dinner was digested, so right around House time. I really, really didn't want to work out...but I did. It wasn't a long one, but I am happy I did SOMETHING. That makes a full week of working out every day! Yay me! 

Overall I am VERY happy with this week. I feel good, and even more, I feel energetic. I am excited about the prospect of seeing changes in my body and in the way my clothes fit. I don't dread the prospect of wearing shorts and tank tops knowing I will be leaner and fitter by summer! Jason is starting to follow along as well, and he's looking to eat better and exercise more...oooh it's contagious! 

I know that my weight measurement might not be bang-on now, with the changeover of weighing method, but I think it's pretty close. I did weigh myself on the regular scale at the start of this whole thing.

Ok, so here it is...

Stats for the day:

Weight: 213

Exercise: 20 min. moderate intensity


RFlatstone said...

You are doing GREAT, T! Four and a half pounds in your first week?? Bangarang!! I know your commitment on the exercise is a big part of that. Keep it up! Don’t quite. Yeah, I know, you’re thinking “Of course I’m not going to give up!” Well, that’s because you’re feeling pretty good right now – but now is when you have to be on your guard the most! Now you are going to get those evil temptations like “I don’t really have to exercise today – I’ve been doing so well,” or “One piece of cake won’t hurt – I’ll just do more exercise later.” Don’t do that to yourself! Stay strong!

Okay… you are 213, and I am about 315. The next milestone is for you to get under 200 and for me to get under 300. We can do it! YEAH!

Well, that is if I can get my head back in the game. Sunday was bad for me. Last night I had some depression comfort foods and a few shots – not smart. But, today is a new day. Starting fresh with my eye on 300!

Well, keep up the great work, T. I believe in you!!

TC said...

You are SO right Troy...I will be careful not to rest on my laurels here. I am glad you hear you say you are focused on a new start today. Forgetting your culinary indiscretions is key. I know it's easy to say, "Ok, I just blew it...forget it now." You have already had great progress, and I know BOTH of us will hit our "below" targets. I am so excited to get below 200!! It's been so long since I have been. 10 years??

Stay the course! :)