Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day One: Let's get this party started!

Phew! What a day. I have to say, it was a pretty good one. Of course as I write this, my stomach is growling at me. I think it's upset with me for not feeding it what it's used to! 

I started the day with my high-fiber cereal, and had my usual Nutribar for lunch. I know what you may be thinking. Those meal-replacement bars are crap! Well, I know I could do better for my lunch, but there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in it, and I am SO lazy it's all I have the energy and desire to bring! When I got home, I was really hungry. I chatted with my friend Karen on Facbook through it. I realized that if I had some raw carrots, I would have had a few of those. A quick call to my hubby (who, as luck would have it, was at the store!) took care of that, and they are nestled in my fridge for tomorrow. Dinner was tacos, which I ate with a soft tortilla. I would usually have three (sometimes FOUR), but this time I had two, easy on the meat and cheese, heavy on the lettuce and tomato. I took my usual vitamins- a multi and and two omega 3.

I'm pretty happy with my eating today. Oh! And I did NOT give into the evil staff room temptation monster today! There is so very often sweets and pastries in there, and this time it was ice-cream cake to celebrate a colleague getting married Saturday. A lovely co-worker even handed me a small piece, and I said, "No thanks, I can't today." !!! Big step for me. That and no after-school snack. :)

Ok, so eating....check. What about exercise, you may be asking. This morning when I heard the weather report, I had a brainstorm. I should go for a walk at lunch! Gorgeous weather,  45 min. lunch break, why not? I have never done this at my school, but I know of teachers at other schools who do walking groups at lunch. Hmmm. Perhaps! I meant to leave at 12 and be back at 12:30, but left 15 mins. late. Students needing me and that staff room celebration slowed me down. Luckily, I had a prep block after lunch, so I could still do the 30 mins. I was after. I think I will do this walk every day two that I can, since I have that prep after lunch. 

My school has a lovely park behind the grass field with a pond and playground. There is even a walkway that circles the pond. The sun was shining, and there was a light breeze. Perfect. 

My lovely walk took about 35 mins, which I was very happy with. At home, I also fired up the Wii Fit. I think I will use it as my scale for this journey. It weighed me in at about 217.5, which is less than I expected. Nice! I did the step routine, which isn't great cardio, then a 7 min bout of hula-hooping. I love the hula-hoop! You basically rotate your hips in a big circle, and the Fit measures your movements and counts your hoop rotations. I can REALLY feel this in my core. Better than sit-ups! Plus, it gets my heart-rate up nicely. This put my exercise minutes at 48. 

I toyed with the idea of riding the bike too, but figured I shouldn't push myself too much my first day. Don't want to burn out! 

I'd like to take a minute to thank my friends who have already checked this blog out and have given me such great feedback! And Troy, I am so excited for both of us to meet our goals!! Woo hoo! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 220
Exercise: 48 min. moderate intensity


RFlatstone said...

I am so happy for you (is it okay for me to repeat myself like this?)! That is a great start. The carrots are great. You should plan to keep lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that you like on hand for just such occasions. Better to snack on low calorie, high fiber foods throughout the day than be hungry and risk overeating at meal times.

Oh, and that little mental setback I told you about last night? Just as I suspected (and you told me) when I checked this morning. Just water weight. I know better, I really do.

And I am so encouraged by a mention in your blog (BTW, for all your other readers – Troy and Flatstone are synonymous – long, irrelevant story). I feel so … part of something! Like were partners or team mates or something. We can DO it!! And one, and two, that’s it, don’t forget to breath…


Hope you can tell me in simple terms how to set up a link and make it work. I NEED HELP. And then I'll see if I can help you with the weight--I've a similar problem but am beginning to shape up, pun, ha ha.

Patricia Luce Chapman

E_M_Y said...

Good luck!
I really hope you can lose the weight!

I can imagion losing weight is hard but you must make sure you're eating enough!

I'm looking forward to following the story!

TC said...

Thanks Troy and E_M_Y! I am very happy to have you on board!



TC said...

Oh, and thanks, too Patricia! I am not sure if I will be any help with links! Maybe Romeo (Troy) can chime in! I am so new to all this.


RFlatstone said...

Hey, Patricia. I don't understand the problem just form your comment. If you want to e-mail me, perhaps I can help. rflatstone (at) yahoo (dot) com