Monday, April 20, 2009

The Plan

Ok, so if you read that extremely long rendition of my previous weight gain/loss, you may be wondering, "So what now?"

Here's the plan:

Goal: I want to lose 40 lbs in the next four months. This gives me until the end of August 2009. My husband and I are planning a trip to Vegas, so that will be my reward. Well, that and a smaller, healthier body! 

This means I must lose 10 lbs every month, or 2.5 lbs per week (yeah, you math geniuses already figured that one out).

Workouts: I plan on starting out with 20 mins of riding my bike every day (with light hand weights for upper body), and adding step aerobics and weight training as I go. I hope to increase my bike to 30 mins/day. 

Food: I plan to decrease my portion sizes and reduce/eliminate any snacking. I will try to not eat after 7 pm. I want to eat more whole grains and fruits and vegetables as well. 

Motivation: My husband is 100% supportive and plans on working out with me as much as possible. This blog is going to be my BIG motivator. I am sharing with you my goals, and plans, and will post daily to update my progress and feelings about my weight loss. 

I am going to try my best to stick to this plan and meet my goal. 

Wish me luck! 


Ruled by Fur said...

You go girl!!! Cheering you on from the sidelines...maybe I should try it too... :-)

RFlatstone said...

Well, I do wish you luck and my prayers will be with you, to. I am so encouraged by this blog of yours. Not that I had any inkling that you needed to lose weight, but because it’s what I’m trying to do, too. I’ve lost 15 lbs in about a month and a half, so that’s right in step with your schedule. Of course, I have a lot father to go than you. As of this morning, I weigh 313 lbs; that’s AFTER the 15 I lost! I’m just sharing so you have a clear idea how “not alone” you are. Plus, when you find yourself a bit hungry, maybe struggling with eating something you aught not to, or feeling a little lazy and not wanting to work out, you can assume that 2200 miles away and two time zones away, at least one person is probably dealing with the exact same burden.

I read your story and I want to cry because it’s my story. Sure, the names are different and the genders reversed, but otherwise it’s my story. I look back and I see all the mistakes that led me to where I am now, but there’s nothing I can do about the past. I need to take those lessons and redirect my future.

My goal is similar to yours, but more short-term. I want to be at 300 lbs or less by the time I see the doctor in June. So, that’s 13 lbs in less than two months. So, yeah, about 2-2.5 lbs/week. I’m right there with you. Then I’ll feel great for our trip to Metropolis and then “Twin Peaks,” Washington the following month.

I know you are going to get lots of advice, some of which will be contradictory. Nobody has all the answers, or this kind of thing wouldn’t be such a problem for so many people. I can only say that you seem to be on the right track. You have a goal, and for the most part, it appears to be S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely). I might just suggest you look again at the “food” part of your plan – I’m not sure it’s really specific enough, nor is it measurable. How many calories do you usually take in? If you know that, you can then adjust it so you are, in fact, taking in less. Otherwise, you can decrease portion sized and still take in more calories. Be sure that, in addition to whole grains, fruits and vegetables, you are getting some lean protein.

Oh, I’m so encouraged, girl! I feel like I have found a kindred spirit in this. We can do it! Hoorah! Semper Fi!

Audrey Fair said...

I wish you lots of luck on your plan. I myself am trying to make myself a healthier, happier person. I watched my mom battle weight her entire life and am trying to establish good habits now. I'm young, just concluding my first year of college, and not truly overweight. At 5'3" I really only need to be lose 10 lbs (meaning I need to be around 110 lbs or at least lose the flab). However, after seeing my mom's personal struggles I know that prevention and establishing healthy habits now is key.

If you want check out my blog. Its similar to yours as I have a plan that I am going to try to stick to for 30 days, but its not just focused on weight loss. But either way, I'll be motivated by you!

Good Luck!