Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day Nine: Hard Day's Night

Ohhh boy....things are getting busy around here! Definitely harder to find time to exercise these days. Had to do some banking stuff after work, and then ended up  buying some awesome running shoes- the best kind- ON SALE!! Jason got some too, and he said he wants to work his way up to running! Wow! So, I am thinking I should do so as well. Cooool

Eating was on par today, I'm happy to say. Breakfast: Raisin Bran, lunch: Nutribar and snack: grapes. OH! And those evil chocolate cookies were STILL in the staff room today! Would someone just EAT them please?!!?  I walked past an open package of them three bloody times to get to the printer! I was soooo tempted! Again, the Snack Monster's siren song could not suck me in. Which makes the score:

Tammy: 2
Snack Monster: 0

When I got home, I think my belly was despondent over not being fed chocolate cookies it was rumblin' so loud, so I had an applesauce cup when with a big glass of water. Oh, and this is nice! Jason made a trip to Costco, and bought a big bag of almonds. My big sis keeps hers in the freezer to keep 'em fresh, so I will try this. I read that almonds are great for leveling out blood sugar, plus the good fats and iron don't hurt! A handful of these will be a part of my after work snack now. Mmmm! Dinner was supposed to be homemade pizza, but we were gone too long and the dough turned into a revolting mess while it sat in the bread maker. The only thing we could make quickly was the tortellini and Alfredo (we are DONE with that dish for a long time!). We put the leftover chicken from the other night, and it was gooood. Of course, I took a MUCH smaller portion than usual. I am really trying hard to do my portions. I think this will be key after I lose the weight to maintain (along with exercise, of course). After all this, I don't want to go gaining it back as usual! 

Since it was such a busy day after work, I had to work out after dinner. I don't like to do this, but I am SO not a morning person. I can't imagine dragging my tired butt out of bed and doing anything more energetic than brushing my teeth. I rode the bike for 30 min...and I noticed that it's getting easier! My legs feel stronger, and I can pedal faster without dying. I can already see more muscle tone in my legs and arms. Doesn't take long for me to build muscle, that's fo sho! 

Tomorrow should be another walk my new shoes!! Yay! Hmm...should check the weather. Every walk day can't be sunny and gorgeous, can it? Here's hopin' though. :)

Stats for the day:

Weight: 212

Exercise: 30 min. moderate-high intensity

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RFlatstone said...

You hit all the points, hard as it may have been. Keep it up!

Today the sales group hosted my department for a pizza lunch ... and cookies. OMG. I'm scared to see the scale this weekend.