Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day Ten: Ooh double digits!

Ok, it's not the biggest milestone, but I'll take it! Ten days in...and going strong. 

It seems to be my biggest eating challenge is dinner. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are all under control (well, except that wily Snack Moster IS always lurking around the corner- waiting for me to let my guard down). Dinner is always something I must think about. Tonight decided to "take two" on the pizza and were much more successful! I don't mind a fairly plain pizza, plus we are horribly lazy, so we almost always just have caramelized onions on it. Mmm so good! I really like the crust the bread machine dough produces, too. I put less cheese on it that usual, and gave myself less than half (Jason likes a ton of mushrooms on his...eeep). I was going to have one piece and a salad, but I couldn't bring myself to eat more salad. Urg. I compromised and just had three small pieces. I noticed I felt full a lot longer with this meal too, which was nice. 

After dinner, Jason and I headed out to meet my little brother at a fundraiser he was doing at a sports bar. He's going to Ecuador on Monday, and the money is supposed to help get his group there a little cheaper. Very exciting trip though! Very proud of that kid. Lol...ok, he's 24, but he's still my baby brother! He wants to be a doctor, and this trip is geared towards people like him:)  At the bar, there were free appetizers like wings and little meatball thingies. not tempted! That was an easy one to avoid, fo sho. 

OH! Exercise! Do you think I forgot today? Perhaps no time? Too tired? Ah ha! No! I walked the walk today, as per usual on my day 2 at work. Ok, I'm getting a little tired of writing this, but it was another GORGEOUS DAY!!! I think mother nature approves of my new lifestyle, 'cause it's been this way every day since I started! Yup, totally bragging now. Walking in the sunshine next to a pond, watching the ducks come in for those graceful/awkward landings, hearing the fountain's soothing white noise, feeling the spring in my step from kickin' new shoes- you really can't beat it.  The icing on the cake was Jason meeting me there to keep me company. :) 

Stats for the Day:

Weight: 212 (not too surprised to see no change for a few days!)

Exercise: 40 min. moderate intensity


Christine said...

Well, congratulations. You ARE doing great!
Dinner was a hard one to deal with too. That just takes time. But I did notice that the breakfast, and lunch portions made ALL of the difference when it came to dinner!!
Keep up the good work!

RFlatstone said...

I think the thing that impresses me most is your dedication to exercise. You are doing great with your “Snack Monster” (I picture a blue, googley-eyed muppet), but you are accepting no excuses from yourself in regards to exercise. That’s incredible. I’m too lazy to even make excuses. Nanette asked me today if I was doing any exercise besides just the Monday circuit class and I just said no. I’m supposed to meet one of the sales reps on Fridays for weight training, but I haven’t been.

Let my failures encourage you all the more in your victories.

TC said...

Thanks to you both Troy and Christine! :):)