Friday, May 27, 2011


My good friend Cory, who keeps kicking my lazy ass in gear, has reminded me that we had a weight-loss challenge a while back. Gee, thanks Cory, what are you some kinda friggin' elephant- you never forget anything??

So my challenge is to lose 25 lbs by August. Yargh. This will put me back to my all-time low of 165, which I reached for about five minutes many months ago.

My plan is to reign in the bad eating habits I have fallen back into and get back to regular exercise. I have my bike in my mom's garage, and I think I will keep it there. When the days get warmer, it will be the coolest place to work out. I have also joined a gym in the city my boyfriend, Terry, lives in. He and I must go at least two times a week.

One cool thing is that I have joined Terry's brother's slow-pitch team. They are a very fun bunch to play with, and it gets me moving for a few hrs on Sundays! I love playing ball again. It has been about six years since I have played slow-pitch, and 20 since I played fast-pitch. Wow...I am friggin old. I loved playing ball as a kid, and I was always our clean-up batter. It still is a challenge to hit the slow-moving pitches I get now though. It sucks to not be the batter I once was, but I am trying new things to improve ma skillz. At least I am still doing well on first base!

Wish me luck for my two games on Sunday! Goooooo Guzzlers!

Ok, deep breath, here I go to break through the inertia of laziness...

Tammy Version 2.0


Cory said...

Break the inertia of laziness... I like that. Its like there is a gravitational pull to your couch. Get on it, sieze the day, yada yada blah. So when exactly are you and your good friend Gillian going to start hanging out again? Don't re-invent the wheel - if it works, don't change it. Just saying ;)

Big Clyde said...

Hey, I am doing the same thing...losing 25 pounds again. It sucks, but I'm still lower than when I started. August is my timeline as well.

Let's keep checking in together.

Big Clyde

Kelly said...

I'm glad you're back, and I'm sorry for all the shiz that's been happening. Maybe blogging about it - the good, the bad & the ugly - will help.