Friday, October 15, 2010

Sporadic is better than never!

Hey peeps! I am here, alive and kicking. The whole house buying saga is coming to an end, and I am SO excited to say we are moving in TWO WEEKS! I am still in shock that we are going to live in such a big, beautiful house. Thanks for all your lovely comments about it!

I have worked out with my trainer girl a few times now, and things are definitely more intense. She is getting me to do 30 seconds of jump rope after each arm or leg exercise. Basically we are doing every muscle from shoulder to calf and then repeating it 3 times. At the end of it, my face was red and I was sweating like a p-i-g. I am definitely not in the same shape I was in June. Sadly, I haven't been running much at all. It got hard! I know, whiny baby, my own fault. Just slacked off and lost my running mojo. I did find a couch to 10k program I could try...but I am worried about when I can run when it gets dark so early. In the winter it's pretty much getting dark when I am done work. I suppose I could use the treadmill at work. Maybe to 1/2 outside until it's too dark, then come in and finish on the treadmill? Hmmm.

I am in a bit of a world of stress with work and house stuff...but when I come through in Nov, I am definitely going to amp things up!

Did I tell y'all what my Halloween costume is this year? Some of you will maybe remember my witchy woman costume...which I have beaten to death over the last four years. This year, I have decided to change things up a bit. I enlisted my mom and her sewing skillz to fashion me into a genuine Disney princess....Snow White. I'm oddly excited to wear this costume! I will take some pics for ya for sure.

Speaking of pictures.... 'cause there are just NOT enough pictures of me on this blog, here's one more. :)

Ahh sepia...what fun to look all antique-y ;)


Fat Daddy said...

I absolutley remember the hot witch.

You planning to make Snow white sexy too?

You've defintely had a lot of balls up in the air lately. But it is good to hear what is going on.

KellyNY said...

Congrats on getting your house! You must be so excited!

Alexia said...

i've been seeing all the house talk on facebook :)

come follow my new blog won't you?
i'm blogging elsewhere now:

be well!