Friday, October 22, 2010

Insanity anyone?

I don't get weight loss. Really. I have "lost" 2.6 lbs in the last four days. WTF??  Not to say that this is REAL weight loss or whatever, but it seems to me like my body really REALLY likes to be around 169 lbs. I have been eating better this week, and I had one nice long workout with trainer-gal...but not much else.

Oh well, we shall see what next week brings, I suppose!

Today I went to a conference for English teachers on my professional development day, and I met a P.E. teacher who has his girls' fitness class doing this workout I'd never heard of. Any of y'all heard of the PX90 peeps workout called "Insanity"? Weeel it certainly seems to live up to its name! This thing appears to make Jillian's Shred look like a day at the beach.  The P.E. dude said it kills even really fit people, but it's an excellent workout...very intense. Sounds interesting, I say! Of course it costs like 140 bucks for a 60 day program. Eeep.  So Ima thinkin' that this could be an excellent x-mas present. If not I may be able to convince hubby we should buy it and do it together...maybe. Seems to me this might give me the motivation to get my ass working out regularly again, and get me into wicked shape.

Anyway, here's the site..check it out if you dare...mwhahahahaha!

Here are some pics from the last couple weekends:

The most fabulous Chrystie and moi- and yes I'm holding her hand.
Get a gal on my couch, and look out!

Makin' faces.

My turn. Now, that's lovely.

Playing with false eyelashes and wig for my superawesomefantastic Halloween costume

 Hmm maybe this look is better?

The gorgeous Lara the night we hit the town and let loose a bit.

Nothin says classy like drinking a wine spritzer from a straw!

Lara's a classy bitch too!

I'm diggin' my shorter hair, thanks Chrystie! 
(yes, shorter- it was a few inches longer before)

Love this girl!

Flipping off lame men in general (and one particular lame man in specific!)

I like how I BEND into it. Serious flippage here. 

Just wanted to leave you with an older pic. This was...hmm...May/June of 2009 I believe. 
I had been doing this for about a month or two. I've come a lonnng way baby!



Sari Becker said...

I like your new pink flowers... very purty!

lois mae said...

you look so healthy, its lovely to see!

KellyNY said...

Insanity is basically a rip off of P90X, with that guy from Hip Hop Abs. Anywho, love the pics- you really have come a long way!

Tiffany said...

I have Insanity and LOVE it! They are intense and focus more on cardio than P90x (at least this is my understanding, since I have not done P90x). I'm really looking forward to popping this kid out and working my way back to the Insanity workouts. Christmas gift is a good idea, as is doing them with hubby. Mine did one workout with me and gave up halfway through LOL. P.S. I bought mine on Ebay...ended up paying about $80 bucks for it. You look fantastic btw :)

Lucas said...

Yes you have hotstuff!

Now let's talk about that spritzer.........

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

i love looking at your face!
yeah, i've heard of insanity...bits and pieces around blogworld.

hope you're having an amaze weekend :)

Fat Daddy said...

Wow! I'll say you have come a long way. You look awesome.

Way to put your whole body into that flippage. That's really selling it. Gives it even more power.