Sunday, May 16, 2010

I was feeling purple happens.

The old blog has a new look! I finally took some steps to make it look a bit more interesting. Unless you hate purple flowers. If so, then...well, I got nothin.

I am having a KILLER raging desire to make chocolate chip cookies. I want to eat a carbolicious cookie smoking hot and gooey from the oven. Right. Freakin. Now.

Hold me.

Good news I am not gonna do it. Mostly because I don't have chocolate chips. THANK GOD. It's a good thing, too, because I've eaten pretty well today. Instead of soup or something for lunch I had a giant salad with tex-mex chicken and tomatoes. It wasn't so filling, but it was tasty! I had a Kashi pumkin spice bar later and a handful of almonds because I was starving before dinner. Dinner was tacos with extra-lean ground beef, lotsa tomato, onion and lettuce with a sprinkling of reduced fat cheddar and salsa. Mmmm.

I did my 25 minute run to finish up Week 6 of the Couch to 5k. Sucked. A lot. I came home all red-faced and sooo sweaty. I tried to mitigate the misery of running for so long without stopping with some music and a route through a lovely park by my house. The route helped, but it still sucked. I don't like running...yet. I am hoping the more I do it and the better I get, the less I will want to get my head examined for doing this shit. Good news is I may have a running partner sometime this week. My friend Cory said he was thinking of heading my way to run with me, so here's hoping. (You hear that Cory? Get your ass over here and run with me! I know you are reading this!).

Anyway, this is what I looked like after my run. The flash doesn't do my red face justice. And it looks like I'm wearing lipstick, but nope. Just all the blood rushing to my face, I guess!

This is annoying 'cause my face looked SO red, but you barely tell.

I'm having a bit of knee pain now that my runs are longer. I tried icing them afterwards to see if that helped...not sure if it did anything. I still have some twinges in the left knee. Why am I doing this again? OH YES...I want to run that 10k Underwear Affair! Check out my previous post for that info. I've managed to raise $335 so far. I'm going for $500, so if you even have $5 to donate, it would be very much appreciated! MWAH!

Loves ya!

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Anonymous said...

Listen, i will try and get down there but it doesn't look good. But i will try. Nice pics! i wish my legs had that kind of seperation! Very good definition