Monday, May 10, 2010

Crap eating...yup, I did it.

This weekend sucked the fat hairy balls for eating. that image could put me off my food. Where was that two days ago?! Blargh. It started with dinner out and a movie on Friday. Chicken stromboli and a nice salad with a raspberry vinaigrette. Hmm...well, at least there was a salad. Movie time...mumble pieces of licorice, a few handfuls of popcorn and a couple m&ms. Saturday was mama's day lunch at the beach and greasy, greasy fish and chips...yup ate it all WITH tartar sauce. Later, couldn't leave without an ice-cream cone. Hubby and I both felt like kaka poopie later that afternoon. The greasy food was not sitting well. We grabbed some buns and deli meat for a light dinner at his mom's house. I had a ham sandwich for a belated dinner...and potato chips. Maybe a small bag's worth. Blah. Then dessert was these little coffee cakes with caramel inside. Had two. Wanted three.

Yup, those were some really stellar food choices! Luckily such eating is NOT the norm for me, and I am back to normal now. I ran today, and I will work out with trainer-girl tomorrow.

The beach was of course, pictures for you!

Standing in front of the giant white rock on the beach
which gives the town its name, "White Rock"

Some talented individual created this, so the ladies had to get a pic!
That's mom with the doggy. :)

Love walking the boardwalk!

Morose Man
(He was sad because the Canucks lost a bunch o' games...but he's better now!)

Niece Alyssa, sister Carroll et moi!

In other news, I did something that strikes fear in the hearts of women the world over. The days are getting warmer, summer is approaching, do you feel that little curl of fear in your belly? Do you feel the prickle of sweat breaking out over your body? Is the dread seeping its way down into your bones?'s BATHING SUIT BUYING TIME! And I did it. I bought one. It's a sort of royal purple tankini. The bottoms are blah, but I like the top. I think it fits well, and contains the girls properly. Gotta say most bathing suit tops are laughably inadequate. Unless that's the look you are going for. I saw one labeled "D", and I had to try it. Yup, it fit! So mayyybe I will be brave and let you see a pic one of these days. Stay tuned!

I've come to a not-so-startling revelation: I still hate running. It's not fun. Or exhilarating. Or fun. I am doing this Couch to 5k step-by-step like a good little trainee, but it SUCKS. I am running alone now, so it's boring and hard. What a fantastical combo! Like going to the dentist and being made to do math at the same time (sorry if you like math. Weirdo).

Later y'all.


Seth said...

give running some time -- if it doesn't work for you...find something that does that you do enjoy!

TC said...

Thanks Seth...I hope I can learn to like it! I really like the "idea" of running for fitness!

Shane P said...

Right now all I am doing is walking. I tell everybody that asks me about walking that the hardest thing for me is getting out of the truck. I usually sit there for a minute and text a buddy and then get out of the truck before I can talk myself out of it. Looks like you had a fun day!! We all have our weak moments!! I'm sure you will bounce right back!!

Lucas said...

We all have those crap eating days Tammy! The important thing is that you recognized how $hitty all that crap food made you feel and that you took control back quickly. :) And it sounds like you did. I think the running is a good challenge for you right now but I'm sure you are looking forward to finding something that you actually enjoy for a workout. For me, I am loving my yoga and my boxing but I still get out there and run because it's good for me!

Gorgous pics of your fam and the shore! You look fabulous darling and I'm 100% certain you are going to ROCK that tankini!!!!

Auntie Bev said...

Tammy I think you are amazing! it is worth being in shape especially as we grow older. To bad you couldn't hook up with my daughter as she has basically done the same thing as you but she likes running.

Anonymous said...

I like math... and running... Oh and your sister = hot!

TC said...

That's cuz you are INSANE Cory...and yes, I know. :P

Candice said...

Seems like one bad eating choice leads to another, and then before you know it you've inhaled 4000 calories worth of shit. ;)

Get back up on that horse and ride!

Great pictures too!