Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mystery is History!

I think we figured out what is wrong with my leg! It's been bothering me for 3 months or so and hasn't gotten any better. Went to the doc today, and it turns out I walk in a funny, silly kinda way. Yup...just like in Monty Python, only without the accent.

I have this bad habit of rolling out on my right foot when I am standing, and it seems I also walk that way too. My right shoe is all distorted from it. The husband has bugged me about that before, but I never associated it with my leg pain! Doc said I need orthotics to keep my foot flat when I walk. Wheeeee! I am also getting a hip x-ray to make sure I haven't damaged the bone from all the years of abuse. I may go to physio as well.

He had to do a bunch of tests on my leg- getting me to push against his hand, etc. to check to see what movements hurt, and after he commented, "You have amazing leg strength!" I guess all that working out has paid off...doc says it, so it must be true!

In other news, I want to eat the house. Yup, drywall and all. Ok, I'd start with what's in the cupboards, but after that, who knows? Friggin' TOM always does this to me! I hate. A lot.

I wasn't sure how my extra snacking this weekend would affect my "maintain no gain" phase, but it seems like I am sitting around 164 again. I hope this means I really have a lifestyle that incorporates healthy habits that will allow me to keep this weight off. It would seriously kill me to gain it back after nearly a year of working to get it off.

Ok, did you hear about the CRAZY woman who wants to gain 400 more lbs to reach some stupid record of 1000 lbs? She wants to be the fattest woman alive. Wow. Sad thing is, she has kids! She's mobile now, but she relies on a scooter for a lot of moving around. I can't even imagine how damaged this woman must be to even contemplate putting her health in FURTHER jeopardy and GAIN weight when she's already morbidly obese. She has a website that encourages people to either donate money or food to help her reach her "goal". Crap on toast, people, that is just sick-o-rama. I see all the other bloggers on here just trying so so so hard to change their lives for the better and lose weight, and so many are succeeding! I wish this woman could read some of those blogs and see that she could go the other way and save her life rather than throw it away. She makes me very, very sad.

Take it easy, ya'll and keep yer stick on the ice.


Susan said...

I can relate. Orthotics will help immensely. So glad you solved the mystery. Gaining weight to get in the record book? Infuriating. I am concerned when actors put on pounds for a role, so I think this is horrible. I hope she changes her mind, or that it's a joke.

Fat Daddy said...

Hey well, at least you know what the deal is, and it can be corrected. Good for you.

And as for that woman who wants to be the fattest...what a sad statement on our culture that she can actually get publicity on that.

I would not wish the misery of being that heavy on anyone.

Kelsey said...

Hey! Thanks for following and for your positive comment. I'm really motivated by your blog and others that I've found to push myself and make better habits. Have a great weekend!