Friday, March 19, 2010

Costco clothes and a few other things

The scale gods surely do make me give my head a scratch sometimes. I worked my ass off to lose a pound in a week in the past, and now I am being a lazy-ass "maintainer" and I lose a pound in a week. Huh. Of course, this pound may find its way back onto my ass and bring some friends right quickly I'll refrain from breaking out the pinatas just yet.

But yes, down to 163 this morning. I forgot to weigh myself Thursday (regular weigh-in day). Hand slap for me.

Had a couple NSVs while shopping lately. I was completely flummoxed at Costco when face with a pile of shorts in various sizes and no way to try them on. Frickin' annoying. They were super-cute navy Calvin Klein (or whatever knock-off seconds Costco gets) plaid shorts. Should I get the 10s or the 8s? Holding them up to my waist was not a help, and after a few pointed sighs from the hubby, I just said fuck it and grabbed the 10s. I didn't want no muffin top. Of course, i got them on and I SHOULDA GOT THE 8s! Yay, but bloody hell that means I have to go back to frickin' Costco for bloody shorts! I don't know about you, but I surely do like that maneuvering in parking lot from hell and battling crowds with ginormous over-loaded shopping carts and then following said crowds into interminable line-ups. Me holding my sad little pair of shorts while some tiny man in front of me buys 65 gallons of milk and a palet of geraniums. I love the Costco if I need bread or chicken, or some other vital staple items, but going to return a pair of shorts just seems like a waste for the hassle of going there.

Ahem, sorry, didn't mean to rant about Costco there....really it's about fitting into SMALLER shorts than I expected.

Then today, I bought a pair of size 7 jeans. This must be taken with a grain of salt 'cause you are supposed to buy this company's brand of 'comfort' (basically pull on, no zipper, but not scary drawstring- don't you worry) pants a size small because they stretch. But still, I love seeing that crazy small size on my ass. :)

I am FINALLY on spring break, baby! I am leaving on Monday for the US of A to visit my old friend Ashland. She had her first baby a few months ago, and I am SOOO excited to meet baby Tristan. I don't know what kind of food I'll be eating, or how much exercise I will get, but I am going to do my best to come home the same weight as I left! Booya!

Wish me luck on my 4 hr drive south. Wheee!

In other news, I went to a movie today with 190 gr. 10 students. We took 'em to see Alice in Wonderland. Good movie! They were awesome, as usual. There were 6 teachers along for the ride, so lots of supervision. The only downer part was getting stuck in the bathroom. Yup, had to do the ol' shake and shimmy under the door. Sweet. This was made much less gross by the fact that the theatre hadn't yet opened to the public, so the floor was clean. THANK GOD there were no teenagers in there when it happened. Though I did manage to scare the bejusus outta my one witness, my co-worker, when I suddenly kicked my rather large purse under the door. She thought it was some weird-ass creature skittering out and screamed. Hee hee. Good times.

So to recap- losing pound, smaller clothes, getting to watch a (free) movie (thanks kids) all morning rather than working, scaring co-worker, SPRING BREAK and visit to see bébé: Good. Getting stuck in bathroom, having to go back to Costco for shorts, and driving for four hours: Bad. I think it's an overall win for the GOOOOOD!

Man this post was just all over the place. Ah well...I'm sure you can handle it.

Later y'all!


Madame DeFarge said...

Well at least you can find something in Costco. We only ever find things for small people or very tall people. But their socks are good! Enjoy your spring break.

Fat Daddy said...

This post may have jumped every where, but I sure caught the key items...163! Size 8 & 7!! And of course Spring Break. Congrats Tammy on a new low and some kick ass NSV's.

Coley said...

I'm still laughing about the purse creature. I tooootally would have thought that, too - bwaha!

Also Oh em gee - size ACHT!! 8!! No flippin way. this is killing me. On one hand I'm over the moon happy for you - on the other hand, the fact that another tall girl would possible even BE that size - arghh, makes my goal of being a 14 a bit... meh... because that means once I get there, I'll probably need to go lower - boohoo! Alas, I won't worry about that for now. I just want to get my size outta the 24's!

Once a Model, Now a Waddle said...

What's a NSV?

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Anonymous said...

Rather amusing piece