Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympicness- Part I

GO CANADA GO! That is the sentiment around here folks. We are just exploding with Canadian pride, and we must express this sudden and intense joy somehow. So we do so through large, good-willed, boisterous gatherings in the streets of Vancouver, drinking copious amounts of beer, the general wearing of Canadian colours, waving flags, and the sporting of said flag as capes (always a dashing look). If perchance you find yourself on the famed streets of Robson or Granville, don't be afraid of the spontaneous renditions of O Canada. If a stranger raises his hand, it ain't to bust cap in you, it's to high-five you. Girls wear "Kiss me I'm Canadian" t-shirts. Men give "free hugs." It's a love-fest people, and the object of our affection is Canada.

I've been downtown twice now, and I have been amazed at the feeling of excitement and the sheer NUMBER of people walking around, celebrating. When we were there on Tuesday night for the medal ceremony, there was a hockey game on. How did we know who was ahead? The great roar that would emerge from every bar, tavern, restaurant and street corner with a TV and roll through the streets like a wave. Count the cheers, and you'd know the score. The medal ceremony was very cool (despite practically having to be stripped searched to get into BC Place). We got to see Men's Bordercross dude, Mike Robertson take the podium to receive his silver medal. The only bummer was nearly every other day that week we got a gold. Oh well! Got to see my boys the Barenaked Ladies play, too!

The original Olympic Cauldron Gulag.
Later the fence was lowered and moved farther back.

The fabulous Olympic Flame!

Me and J.

Self-portrait. Yeah, the big guy doesn't like to smile for pics!

This was at Red Robin on the patio. Place was packed, so outside we ate!

Inside BC Place. Cool, blue!

Me in my seat bein' patriotic. :)

The raising of the medalist's flags. Yup, US had gold that day. *sigh*

A sneak peak of what's to come in my next Olympic installment!

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karen@fitnessjourney said...

I would love to go to the Olympics, but I'll settle for watching it on tv. I've been glued to the set most nights from about 8-11.

Shane P said...

Great pictures!! Glad your having such a good time with the Olympics! If the girls are giving away free kisses I may have to move out your way. Not much lovin' going on my way.