Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What...me slack?

Hello the blog! Hope all of you are doing well. Just caught up on some of my blog reading and it seems most of you are.

I want to send a big, GIANT hug to Amber. Send her your good thoughts 'cause the girl is feeling some burnout. I can relate!

I don't know what it is, but I've felt like a slacker lately. I feel like I am giving in more to that inner, hungry-ass bitch that says, "Hey, eat that thing," when I poke my head into the fridge. Not to say that I've been snacking like crazy or binging. Just indulging a bit more. Without a lot of thought. NOT GOOD. I also feel like I've been working out less. Well duh, 'cause I HAVE. I worked out nearly every day in December for the Shred. Now I am doing 4-5 days a week, so it feels like slacking. Despite all this, the crazy is I am down a pound this morning. Wha? We'll see if that lasts until Thursday! I am still trying to watch dinner portions. I do best with this when eating at home.

I am still Shredding! Yup, Jillian is my evil mistress. I am working on mastering some moves in level 3. The one with plank while on weights is killing me. Holding a plank up on weights and then lifting up one elbow back to work the back, then the leg lifted straight up repeat until coronary. OMG. I am proud to say that I can do ONE set off my knees now. By the time I'm done, I am gasping, trembling and sweating like a P.I.G. Then next set is on the knees, and it's still hard!

I mixed things up on Sunday and did the Boot Camp DVD with the kinder, gentler Bob. This DVD has three levels too, but instead of switching up a level, you add on a level as you progress. This way your workout gets harder and LONGER (yeah, I said that :P). Level one is not very challenging, but adding on level two...seriously feel it. There is an ab and tricep workout that makes me want to cry.

I'm still noticing increased muscle tone from these workouts, which is fab. My abs are way stronger, and some definition is poking its way through the flab. I am convinced I have a six-pack under there! This keeps me motivated to do these workouts.

I am seeing my friend Sarah on Vancouver Island (yay ferry ride!) this weekend, and she's got a Friday and Sat. workout alll planned for us. Always thinking of others, that Sarah. :P But, I am hoping she can hook me up with some weight training moves I can try. I have a lame-o exercise room in my building filled with archaic and somewhat scary equipment and a basic weight machine. Plus, I have my free weights. I still want to do the Couch to 5K thing in the next couple months. I hope my knees can take running!

I think you are all caught up now, so off I go to eat better and keep up the exercise!


Lucas said...

Love hearing about how your BL workouts are going...and getting EASIER!! STUD!! Also love the definition you are getting. Isn't it fun when workouts start paying off? :) And I have faith in your knees! 5Ks.....HERE YOU COME!

Fat Daddy said...

I say you can do the 5K too Tammy. If I can you can for sure. You are rockin the workouts.

And I also get the slackin thing. WTF? I don't know. But I say let's pick up our shit and get moving again, Whaddya say?

karen@fitnessjourney said...

My trainer had me doing that plank with a row move you mentioned. That is one hard exercise! I was feeling it the next day, but during it I was imagining that bra area tightening up-it was the ONLY thing that got me through it. LOL!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

You're not slacking. You are awesome.

Shane P said...

Abs and those stunning guns!! I don't think 4-5 days a week workout is considered slacking!! I wish you continued success! Also I left something for you over on my page if you want to take a lookey loo!!

Beth said...

Well done! It sounds like you're doing great! :)