Thursday, January 21, 2010

Facing the scale...and a few other things

PHEW! With the birthday chowing down and fewer workouts, I was worried about my weigh-in this morning. No loss, to be sure, but no gain either!

I did want to share this cool link my friend, Troy, sent me. He's cool like that. Hey, anything with my gal Jillian is interesting to me! You can check out her addressing 8 excuses for not being fit. There's another cool link from there that gives some quick, effective exercises kinda like her DVD. Anyway, thought it was interesting!

This day started out pretty crappy with some fretting about some personal stuff, but then I FINALLY got a replacement for my shit phone that has been lounging on death's front porch for a while now. It's a sweet little thang with a slide out qwerty keyboard. LG somthinorother...can you tell I care? Jus' as long as it works, and I'm happy! Oh, alright, here it is. Oh wow, it's apparenly called the LG Neon. Huh.

Yep, that's the one, 'cept my slide out isn't that girly pink-- it's a much more sophisticated colour, like gray or something.

I also got the Olympic-gear hoodie that I've been eyeing. Canada's team clothing is pretty nice, actually. I love the sort of fitted style of it. Pic sometime, prolly. This is what it looks like though (mine's red but the red pic looked hideous):

THEN we decided to get Pizza Hut 'cause what do you do to stress, but throw comfort food on it! So no workout and pizza for dinner. EPIC FAIL. Lol, but I'm cool. I feel wayyy better after all that than I did before, so to me, WORTH IT.

Bad day for diet and exercise, and weight is status quo, for now, but I will be upping the exercise as I think this is what really works for me. Helllooo Jillian!

Take it easy folksies!


Shane P said...

That is a kick ass phone!! That is a cool looking hoodie. Maybe one day I will be able to wear something like that. Thanks to all the inside information from my blogging buddy it might just happen!! Yeah I bought pizza for my boys the other night when I kept them and ol' dad didn't have one piece! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I have an LG Rumour, very similar lol.

Yay for STS! Have a better weekend love, stop worrying about your issues for now, did you get to where you needed to go and see about any of it?

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I will check out your girl, Jillian. I know you love her-she scares me!

Madame DeFarge said...

Love the yellow! I'm having to forego exercise for studying right now, but aim to start in March, when my exams are over for the time being. Hope all goes well.