Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, you didn't get me...sucka.

Ahh Monday...ender of weekend, starter of work week. How little you are loved. But I don't hate you so much because TWO good things happened today.

Good thing #1: I weighed in this morn, and I've lost 2 lbs this week! Whooooo!

Good thing #2: I used the $$ my mom gave me for Christmas to buy myself the most deeelishious Italian lambskin jacket. Ooooh baby is this thing soft and supple! It's a blazer style- very fitted and tailored. LOVE IT! I'll get a pic soon.

Oh, and I'd like to add a late 3rd good thing:

Good thing #3: I worked out even though I was knackered and wanted to just sink into the couch and let it ooze up around me until we were one entity.

So take THAT Monday!

I must also say thank you and, might I add, *blush* at all the lovely comments about my new dress! You are all much too kind. That would be the 4th good thing of the day!

So I've been thinking about my future on this journey o' mine. I have 10 lbs to go until I am in that fabled maintenance mode. I think that I'd like to start weight training. I like the idea of strengthening my muscles. My friend Sarah does alternating days of strength and cardio and she maintains her weight fairly well (within 10 lbs). I am going to visit her at the end of the month, so I'll see what wisdom she can impart whilst I am there. Can't wait!

The other thing I am considering is trying my hand at running (finally!) in the spring. I love the idea of the Couch to 5k thing. It is nice and laid out for me, so I just have to follow along. I am a great follower. This is why I love the DVDs. I have someone to tell me what the fuck I need to do! Then I do it! Yeah, I'd LOVE to have a trainer to tell me what to do, but first I'd have to start crappin' those gold bricks, as the hubster is fond of saying.

And that's all the blog I got in me today. Later y'all!

Oh, and can I just say...



~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Congrats on the loss, you're almost there Tammy!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

PS: left ya somethin on my blog!

Alexia said...

Congrats on the loss, Tammy! I'm new to your blog.

F. McButter Pants said...

Way to show monday whos boss. Love your blog. 1st time here from Miss Ugly Girl's blog.

Your doing so great. You look great in the dress!

Anonymous said...

So proud of you Tammy! Can't wait to see ya, love Sarah

TC said...

Welcome Alexia and F. McButter Pants (Love that name!!). Glad you could stop by!

Thanks Sarah! So excited to be visiting you!

Fat Daddy said...

You are doing so good Tammy. I know you'll get there, and the running? Good lord...if I can do it anyone can.

Coley said...

I have awarded you a Beautiful Blogger award on my blog today. :-)