Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aww Awards :)

I feel so special! I gots not one, but TWO Beautiful Blogger awards! Thank you to my awesome partner in criminal acts of fitness, Amber, and to the fabulous and talented Coley!

Along with this blog I have to post seven things about myself. SEVEN. Lordy. Some of this ain't pretty, so be warned.

Ok, here goes...

1. I both love and hate my cat. She's a gorgeous, soft, furry creature who appears to love me- follows me around, meows pitifully when I am gone- but may, in fact, be the devil. She bites, she pees on random objects and clothing, she runs ON THE WALLS putting scratches in said walls. She's destroyed: a camera, a pair of $200 leather boots, a $300 wool coat, a purse and some unsuspecting couch cushions. She also swallowed a sewing needle at 6 months which cost $1000 to fish out. So we figure this cat OWES us. A lot.

2. I am horribly lazy and a terrible procrastinator. This is one of the things I like least about myself. People say to me, "I just have to do things! I can't stand sitting around and doing nothing." I LOVE doing nothing. I LOVE sitting around and accomplishing nothing but maintaining a pulse. It's fabulous. Part of being lazy means I put things off. I'll do it later. Sometime. Um, the future it will get done. Or not.

3. I am usually about 15 minutes late to things. See #2.

4. I love kids. Well, let me clarify. I love kids who are well-behaved. I don't like them when they behave like little assholes in public places. Like the restaurant in which I am eating. At the table next to mine. All through lunch. Like what kind of parent brings their six rugrats to a restaurant and then lets them just run around? Literally run around the tables. And throw paper airplanes.

5. I am terribly, terribly, terribly vain. I just am, and I've been that way since I was a kid. When I was five, I fell off my bike and needed a few stitches in my forehead. I felt like a disfigured freak and refused to show my face for weeks. I remember hiding out and protesting through hysterical temper-tantrum when my mom tried to drag me out into the world. In Gr. 6 I had to get glasses, but since I hated them, I always "forgot" to bring them. My mom would show up at the door and hand them over. Then everyone would watch a I had to put them on. Embarasinnnnng. I thought they made me look hideous. As an adult, I will NEVER go anywhere without make-up and hair done in some semblance of order. I will not leave in sloppy clothes, pj's or the like. No way. How I perceive my hair looking can actually affect my day. I am not happy to be this concerned with my appearance, but it's the way I am. Live with it.

6. I wish I could sing well. I have always felt envious of those who can. My voice isn't as bad as some, but it's not great. I like to sing in the car, and I really belt it out and pretend like I gots skills. If I had any talent, you wouldn't be able to get me to stop singing. So probably for the best.

7. Since I've lost 50 lbs and don't have to shop in the big girl store, I've developed a minor shopping addiction. I loooove buying new, flattering, smaller clothes. I tell myself I am buying it tight, so it will still fit if I lose more weight. Uh huh. Sure. I already have clothes I bought in September that are too big now. Seems like a big waste of money, yes? But, I love how I look in these clothes, and the idea of hiding all these results under baggy, ill-fitting clothes just makes me SAD. So I shop. :)

So there it is, the somewhat ugly truth. I know these 7 aren't supposed to be necessarily negative, but I just felt like coming clean on some of my less-fabulous qualities.

Now to pass on the award to 7 others....

1. Shane at A Life Apart
2. Jessie at Figuring it Out
3. Tiffany at From 12-6
4. Ally at today is my birthday (omg does this girl make me laugh!)
5. Lucas at Petite Flower
6. The Phat Nanny
7. Former Fat Chick

If you have already received this award, well, you are even more fabulous than I thought! :)

Jillian kicked my ass this evening like I baked her a cake and made her eat it. I am trying to follow along with hard-core girl and not do the girly-style, and f-me is it hard! I am sweating and gasping trying to keep my frickin' body weight up on the killer "up on the weights in plank and lifting one arm back and then lifting a leg." Yeah that description is for shit, but it's all I got. Main point KILLS me. Every time. But I guess the effort is worth it, 'cause hubby noticed some ab definition today! Yayyyy! I had to stand up really straight and have a lamp throwing light sort of across my stomach, but he saw it!

I have been really hungry at night lately, and it's getting old. I tried the tea thing, which used to work, and I am still hungry. Stupid stomach! I still feel like I am eating more than usual.

Ok, time for bed. This post took way too long. I don't even have the energy to tell my 7 peeps I gave them award. Tomorrow. (Dammit, #2 rears its ugly head!)



karen@fitnessjourney said...

Think of that ab definition when Jillian is torturing you-that will get you through it!

I won't go out in public without complete hair and make-up either. I won't wear sweats in public either. I've told my husband to poison me if I ever get to that point. LOL!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

When you and I hook up, we are going to be fabulous car singers together lol.

IT IS ALLY said...

Oh my goodness! I had no idea you even read my blog :) thank you so much, I rarely get awards. Will link back to you.

ps I am also horribly vain. All the beautiful people are.

wv = "hicay" - something I often say when drunk. *hic* EH!

IT IS ALLY said...

ps you follow me! I really gotta keep up with those. Anyway, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

All those reasons just made me heart you MORE! :) We are very much alike - and a weird thing about me - I LOVE bad cats. The worse they are, the more I love them. They're not REAL CATS otherwise!

Lucas said...

Thanks for my award! I'll get cracking on my list right now! :) You made me all smiley and stuff!