Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday weigh-in bidness

And so ends the 4th day of 2010 and my first day back to work. Work was not as soul-sucking as I expected. Gotta love those kids for making my job fun (most of the time!).

I didn't work out yesterday since I think I ate too much dinner and it felt like a ball of lead in my tummy all night (note to self: keep an eye on portions and STOP eating before feeling full!). The very idea of shredding with THAT in there...UGH. So I shredded my ass this eve instead. I do love how tired I feel after Jillian has had her wicked way with me and all my muscles are pleasantly sore. I am still just tickled that somewhere along the way I improved enough to do the jumping lunges properly! Amazing how the body will get stronger and stronger if you push it.

The scale has actually been kind for two days in a row! I can happily report I am back to 173. Of course, that means no change for the week, but meh, I'll take it!

I am definitely feeling hungrier these days....the dreaded snack monster returns! All that extra food I had over the holidays seems to have trained my body to want it again. I have to get back to ignoring hunger between snack times until it goes away.

On another note, I am excited about my birthday coming up! Not the getting older part, 'cause I'm not crazy, but the celebrating with friends part. Just a couple weeks now. I'm celebrating two days early to hit the weekend. It will be a potluck/games/booze fest. I'll be the big 36. Whooooo. It will be cool to hit this age being the lightest and fittest I've been in 13 years or so!



Shane P said...

Hope all goes well!!! My birthday is coming up on the 30th!! Woo Hoo!! Except I'll be 37!! Damn it girl!! I am looking forward to spending my birthday with friends and my boys! I hope you continue to kick ass!!

Fat Daddy said...

I think coming out of the holidays without a gain is hard enough.

I too am going through the increased appetite thing. One of the reasons I have grown to hate special occasions.

But I am ready for a big January push...are you?

Anonymous said...

You are so cool - you and your 173 lbs and your jumping lunges! :)
Yayee Bday a-coming!

TC said...

Shane: Oooh you are so OLD! Glad to share my b-day month with you. :)

Coley: I AM cool. Yes. Very. :P Thanks sista!