Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flat Out freakin' fantastic!

Greetings! I have to mention that my hubby found Flat Out bread HERE in CANADA! OMG! We never have any of that good shit here! It's the low-fat Italian herb, and it makes a kick-ass pizza. It's 120 calories for the bread, so with about 15 cals worth of sauce and a scant sprinkling of reduced fat mozza, and 6 minutes in the oven to MMM delicious! New favourite lunch/snack. It's a bit big for the snack, so I'd share it with J, maybe. :)

I had more reason to distrust that sneaky bastard of a scale this morning. It has steadily been showing me a loss since after Christmas. I went from 173 to 175 (thanks x-mas crap) and then two days later 173 and today 171! It could be as low as 170, but I think it was a shade above that mark, so I'm sayin' 171. Have I mentioned I hate my scale? Maybe a new one for my b-day?? I'd love any suggestions for a good brand/model. I have a lot of distrust with these things and I want a really GOOD one.

The problem is I think the scale is being shifty. I think it's preparing for a coup of some sort. Why? Because I'm still eating MORE than usual! Why am I losing weight after eating more?!! WTF? So yeah, I don't trust it. If it stays consistent for a few more days, maybe I'll break out the celebratory dance moves. Until then, scale, I gots my eye on you!

I didn't work out last night, but I shredded with Jillian this eve. Definitely getting easier! I still have to do mostly the girly-style moves, but I am trying the first set off the knees- gotta keep pushing! Oh knees! That reminds me...I think I helped my knees today! I wondered if being on my knees for the push ups etc. was contributing to the hurting, so I put a pillow under there and whaddya know...lots less pain! Me smart.

Got many compliments at work the last few days. Love that. :) Speaking of work, I am a bit nervous about our staff winter social event. It's a mystery bus outing. We know almost nothing about what we're doing. All we know is we will be fed (the organizer threw out some bogus message about boiled hot dogs, but pretty sure he knows he'll be lynched if that's what we get!) and there will be some activities (which could involve some booze). We will be in teams for one activity, too. I am on Team Russia (hello Olympics theme! I cringe to think of what pseudo-olympic-games-type crap we could be coerced into doing!). Mmmkay. It's all going down on Saturday, so I'll keep you posted on the mysterious goings on.

Crossing fingers...hoping scale will read 171 or lower tomorrow!


Fat Daddy said...

OK I get why you don't trust it...but are you CRAZY?!?! Thinking of giving up the scale that is showing those terrific losses. Devoted baseball fans (I am one) obey a cardinal rule: Never EVER fuck with a streak.

You're on a roll, Miss Tammy, and kicking ass. Keep working hard and soaking up those compliments. You can always ditch the sclae when it starts telling you things you DON'T want to hear.

Way to go...

Victoria said...

Sounds like you are doing really great! I love the picture you look beautiful keep it up. Now what type of scale are you wanting. I personally like digital because they make it so much easier and more accurate. I have never liked the needle ones just because If you lean to one side more than the other you can make youself weight less atleast the one we had. maybe that just shows how cheap it was lol! keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie! Did you know that gaining muscle increases your metabolism? Therefore...eating more + losing weight IS possible! Keep up the resistance training! Can't wait to work out with you girl, love Sarah

TC said...

Sarah!! Love ya girl. I know that metabolism thing, but why would it be kicking in now? Seems weird. Still, not complaining if my body wants to kick ass with the metabolism!