Monday, December 14, 2009

Shred Day 13...not so much the biggest loser.

Hey y'all. So I survived "making cookies day". I did eat a half a cookie. I was with about 6 very enthusiastic novice bakers, and the girls had made some cookies HUGE and some small, so the huge ones didn't cook quite all the way. We just chopped up the mushy ones and ate them. :) So not too bad considering we made over 80 of those suckers.

Dinner was a yummy stew made by my lovely husband. It was amazingggg to walk in the door and feel the house all warm and smell it cooking. It's healthy too, mostly veggies and a broth base (not gravy). I can't eat much of it- it's so filling, but I'll hit it again as leftovers.

Alas, I cannot, as expected, post a loss for this week. Le Sigh. Amber says it's 'cause I had the be the big chunk o' cow. I dunno. I FEEL like I'm not eating too much, and I am shredding daily, obviously. I could eat less, I suppose, but I hate to get into that mode where I feel deprived....and "diety".

My friend Cory was just telling me he has a b-day goal to lose about 15 lbs. His birthday is 2 days after mine. Now I am wondering if I should make a goal as well. Hmm. 10 lbs? Maybe just give me that impetus to lose a little faster here. Thanks for the inspiration, yet again, Cory! It would be cool to be 165 on my 36th birthday. Gawd...36 now I feel old...damn!

I figure if I just do my normal thing, I'll lose five lbs by then. Sooo, this means I will have to either a) up my exercise, b) eat less....or c) some craptastical combo of both. I don't relish doing both. Ick. Might be necessary though. I feel like I am not eating a whole lot now, though! Ugh...let's see. Cereal in the morning, meal replacement bar at lunch (I KNOW it's crap, but seriously won't be anything else, and it's calorie controlled and packed full of vitamins :P), reasonable dinner with a close eye on portion control. My snacks are applesauce and 8 almonds or so, or a banana or orange or something like that. My "splurge" is either a 30 cal square of chocolate, or a 90 cal fat free ice cream bar and the ice-cream is maybe 2 times a week. Not sure what else to do there. Exercise is tough too. I am shredding, and that takes A LOT out of me. I could bike too, I suppose. Hmm. Maybe will try that tomorrow.

Ok, gotta go wrap my secret santa gift for school tomorrow!

Wish me luck driving in the snow in the morning....something I do VERY rarely. Blahh!


The Phat Nanny said...

I am aboslutely LOVING your use of "craptastical." I may need to borrow that in the future. Could your weight balancing out due to the muscle shredding? Maybe you're building muscle. I dunno...I heard that could happen. I just posted about my very own cookie dilemma- I'm glad you survived yours. I'll use you as inspiration to survive mine.LOL

Tiffany said...

You're a shredding machine. Don't fret the lack of weight lost this week, you're totally kicking ass and your hard work WILL be rewarded. It's bound to catch up.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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