Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shred Day 12

Bonsoir! I hope everyone had a fabuloso weekend. I have successfully shredded both days off. Not that I WANTED to or anything. Dreaded every second. Still brutal, but getting easier. I am even trying, TRYING to do the real push-ups now. Woot. Amber is doing well with her Shred, too. Her computer is down, so if you are missin' her (and I know you are!), she'll be back this week, hopefully!

On Saturday after tutoring, I hit the mall. It would have been cool to get some Christmas shopping done, but no. What did I do? I bought more clothes for ME. It's a sickness. To my credit, I had no idea what anyone wanted. Don't worry though, I will get it all done.

BUT, the best thing here....yup, another NSV. :) I went into a new store- with trepidation in my heart, feeling like a huge imposter and that at any second people would spot me and shout "get out fat girl, get out!". It was one of those places with lots of trendy clothes for the teen girlies. No size beyond large, of course. Big girls need not come in here! I saw a cute t-shirt and thought, what the heck, might as well try their large. Figured it would be wayyy too tight. First thing I see when I get into the teeny closet of a change room- no mirror. Seriously? I gotta leave the room to see what it looks like? I could only imagine what the three anorexic teens sitting out there would say (after I was gone, of course) when I came out stuffed into this t-shirt. Awesome. I put on the shirt, and surprise! I fit! I was even brave enough to leave the So you can check out the pic...the best part is the back.

Purty Right?

The other pics are to show my other NSV. I HAVE COLLAR BONES! They've been there for a while now, but I couldn't believe how prominent they are. Considering these things used to be buried under fat, it's pretty cool. :)

Yeah, the shirt's a wee bit low cut. May wear somethin under it (sorry guys). :P

Last one with glasses. :)

Tomorrow is weigh-in and I don't think I will be posting a loss. My pattern is to hold on to the weight for a few weeks after a big loss. That's will come off. I'll be doing my 1/2 way measuring and all that on Wednesday. I don't think I'm going to lose big inches here, but man, am I feeling stronger and more toned!

Until tomorrow then!


Shane P said...

Damn it girl!! You are looking shred-o-riffic!! I don't know I think in that back picture that you are toning the "guns" just fine!! Hubbs may have to start shredding to fend off all the men!! Great Job!!

Lucas said...

NEVER apologize for a shirt being low cut! You look babe-o-licious! If you got it (which you DO) flaunt it, you hottie! LOVE that shirt!

Fat Daddy said...

I like the shirt too, Tammy. And congrats on shopping with the skinny girls. I can't wait to join you in the skinny boys section.

Flaunt away! You've eanred it!

The Phat Nanny said...

OMG!! You DO have collar bones! That's fantastic! Can't wait to have some of those too!!!!!LOL Found your blog connected with "The Fatest Person Ever" and thought I'd drop by and try to make bloggy friends. Keep up the good work!:-)

TC said...

Shane: Lol! I didn't think I was showing "the guns" too much in that pic, but I appreciate you noticing! :) So far no "man attacks" though. Hubby is 6'5 so pretty sure the guys will stay away. :P

The Phat Nanny: Wow, so cool of you to stop by! Thanks! I will be checkin' out your blog too!