Monday, December 28, 2009


Today is weigh-in day. Can I get a hallelujah? Well, save it, bub 'cause there ain't no celebrating here. That's right, no loss for this week. SHOCKER. I didn't go crazy with the eating over the holidays, but I did eat more than usual. Plus, I already lost 6 lbs this month, so to expect much more is a bit...well...silly. I HAVE worked out every day since the 23rd. So that's...five days in a row. Take THAT turkey and stuffing!

Speaking of turkey, I may have overeaten today. I KNOW, and it's not even a friggin holiday! Fuuuuck. My breakfast was fine, and then I had some turkey on whole wheat for lunch, not bad except maybe I also added some yummy stuffing and a dab of low-fat mayo and a wee piece of cheese. Lol...yeah that was necessary. In my defence, I'd like to put forward that I added the cheese BEFORE I discovered the stuffing under a bunch of crap in the fridge. I didn't want to just chuck the cheese then. That would be wasteful! Then I was at my sister's and there's this HUGE platter of x-mas cookies on the counter. I am hungry, and dinner is a couple hours away, so I have three friggin stupid cookies. Now all these things may not add up to a bad day, but then I had dinner out for a friend's b-day, and I had a chicken sandwich and more fries than I should have (though there were still lots left on the plate), and then THEN there was ice cream cake! AHHHHH! The pieces were ginormo and even though mine was cut in half, it was still big. And I ate it. All. FUCK. So yeah, that's not great. It's 11 pm and I am STILL FULL from that dinner.

So my goal here is to get back to some normal eating, and try to up the workouts a bit. Today I did level 2 on the Biggest Loser Boot Camp. It's harder than level 1, I'll give ya that! The worst part was the tricep dips. The dude spends an eternity on triceps, and holy crapsticks are they sore now! I might do it again tomorrow after doing level 1, too. That would make a 35 min. work out, plus warm up and cool down for 45 min. Not bad.

When I was at the mall with my lovely niece, I found some new pants. It was quite hilarious 'cause I tried one pair on, and the girl said, oh you have to get those really small. They stretch. Oh, ok, so I think I'll try the 8. She said, oh no, you'd better get the 6. SIX?!?! Lol, yeah, so I bought the six. Pretty crazy. The other pair I bought was an 8. They are tight, but not crazily so. I tried on one pair of 10s that were too big, as well. Hmmm. Could it be that I am down another size? That would be SO COOL!

I think I could have done better this week, but I know I ate way less than I did last year. By this time last year, I had eaten at least one whole box of chocolates! I have had two of my chocolates so far. TWO. :)

Couple pics from my holidays...

Me at my mom's house Christmas day

Rewind to X-mas Eve...yum perfume. Beckham...go figure!

Hope you all had great holidays! Love ya peeps. :)


Fat[free]Me said...

You did great with all that exercising so that is a triumph in itself at this time of year.

Size 6, eh? jealous!

Fat Daddy said...

Sounds like you did pretty good over the holiday. Soon all the treats and left-overs will be gone! Not soon enough.

But just holding ground over Christmas is hard enough.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Hey woman a big fat STS when you're so close to your goal is OK!!! You didn't gain over the holidays and that's a beautiful thing! Also, you kick more ass at working out than I do. PS: I went out to the bar last night and pounded 7 drinks in three hours...then drunkenly made nachos and ate a package of reese's. At least the nachos were shared with hubby.

Oi! Happy to hear you had a good holiday though!

Lucas said...

I swear I'm not drunk or hitting on you or anything.....but you are just a pretty girl! :) Just thought I should tell you that. And don't kick yourself TOO hard. You've done amazingly well this holiday season and a splurge every now and again can help keep your metabolism from stalling.....seriously! Now go forth and shred!

Anonymous said...

Your husband must look at you and think "Damn, my wife is gorgeous." Heck, because I thought that - except for the wife part! lol

I got new perfume from Hubman for Christmas, too! It's Viva La Juicy from juicy couture - its deeelish! Love it! It's a tad on the strong side, in a good way, though, so one spritz in the hair does the trick!

Alright girl - I'm finishing up SHREDD;N and I'm actually going to go back to rotating Kim Kardashian's workouts. I didn;t last long on them last time, but I realllllly want to improve the back of me - holy heck my motherhood is starting to show! Frowntown!

Have a Happy New Year, homeslice!