Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday....same old...sorta

So since it's Monday I thought I'd better update you on the continuing exciting adventures of scale standng-on and scale reading, and scale cursing out. That's right, that's a big, fat NO CHANGE to add to the pile already heaped on the floor. 

But, all is not the doom and gloom, my friends. I did some measuring and am down about 1/2 inch in waist, hips and ribcage. Yeahhhhh. So that's gotta be the shred at work. I may not be losing lbs, but things are a'changin'. Matter of fact, now here's some crazy shiznit for ya, I was able to pull down my size 12 jeans without actually undoing them. Lol, may be a sign to get a smaller pair. But that would mean....*gasp*....a SIZE 10!! Omg...I may faint just from typing it. I guess next time I slide by the Old Navy, or even the Gap, I may just have to try it. My feeling is they will need some sort of crisco-like lubricant to get them on. Just sayin'

Speaking of changes, I noticed today that my triceps are bigger! Must be from all those sad-ass push-ups I've been trying to do during the shred. They ARE getting easier though. I can do about three now before my arms start to shake like a chihuahua in a snowstorm. Nice, eh? Really quite proud. 

I did my bike workout today, so will shred my ass again tomorrow. That December challenge is comin for me! No rest, and no stopping for 30 days babeeee! 

I hope I can lose some of these last lbs doing it. I like the changes, but I'd like even more to see them reflected on that blasted scale! 

Happy trails, cowpokes...catch you later! 


Tiffany said...

I'd say that half an inch is a pretty nice change. Every little bit counts. :)

Shane P said...

Go Tammy Get Your Shred On!!! I believe by the end of next month you will be a lean mean shredding machine!! Surely the scale goddess will throw you a bone soon.

Fat Daddy said...

Good NSV's...Tammy's getting some pipes! Pretty soon it will be "two tickets to the gun show" right?

And crisco or not...size 10 would be some serious celebration news would it not?

I am breathing down a 44 waist right now, and am too afraid to try because I don't know how I will come out of the holiday weekend yet. But in December, I hope to crack that one.

Stay with it Tammy...that shit will break!

The Historian said...
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Lucas said...

You are an inspiration. Jillian should be shaking in her spandex!

TC said...

Shane: Ooh I like the lean part, but can I be only a little mean? Girl's gotta have an edge.

I love my readers! You guys are da best!

Coley said...

Hey girl - I read your post on my page, so commenting here :) I haven't tried to workout yet but have been tempted to, just to see what's coming lol - and yeah, maybe to make it a little less misery when I"m doing it every day!
Haha, I just read "chihuahua in a snowstorm" lol you crazy. That's awesome, though.
Seriously... a size TEN!!! Surely you are exceeding your goals - you must look so darn skinny, I can't get over it. You're about my height and honestly... I don't even REMEMBER being under 185 and that was a desperate attempt to lose weight for a dumb boyfriend, and I only stayed that weight for like a week!

I'm so inspired by you, girl! Can I ask, maybe I haven't paid close enough attention, but are you following a specific eating plan? I need help!!

TC said...

Hey Coley! I think you should give 'er a try before the 1st. You WILL feel sore. Doing it again, even when a bit sore will help too...honest.

I don't really follow an eating plan...I just eat my regular food, but stay mindful of portion control. I only snack on fruit, veggies or almonds, and I don't eat after dinner. Chips, cookies and junk are out except for the odd dessert on a special occasion.

That and exercise are it!