Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Weight loss is:









Therefore I am:



Put out.





Ok, now that I've exhausted my thesuaral skills...can you guess what's going on with me? Still stuck at the big fat 185. Seriously irksome. Crap, used that one already, didn't I. I am not eating bad foods or too much food...I am exercising. Blahh. I know that some will say I need to change things up...but I don't enjoy the change! I like my bike and weights. Ok, like is a strong word...I tolerate my bike and weights. I think my body is freaking out because it hasn't been this weight in about 10 years. Crazy! 

Fear not, though. I plan on keepin' on. I will be challenged this week 'cause I have my friend Ashland visiting (the friend I saw this summer at Long Beach). So happy she is coming! I just won't likely be doing my formal exercise. But this crazy gal is like six, no seven months pregnant, and she still wants to go for a hike. Don't worry, I know an easy one! Still, it will be exercise, so I'll take it. 

So I will be the one writing in all caps and abusing the heck out of the exclamation mark as soon as that scale starts moving again. Watch for that. :)

Stats for the day:

Weight: you guessed it...185

Exercise: 40 min.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I've found as I've lightened up that small choices have a bigger impact on the scale than they once did. It sounds like you're doing all the right things; just keep it up and you'll power through this plateau eventually.

Carlos said...

hang in there

Fat Daddy said...

Oh I so know that feeling, Tammy. Stay will break. You might need to shake it up a little. Diet or exercise nazi...or even a little fun day to break the monotony. Whatever. But cuss your ass off...I do. I don't know if it helps...but I feel cooler saying bad words anyways.

TC said...

Thanks :) Jack, Carlos and you guys! Your support means a lot to me. :) FD...I am SO using all the bad words!! :)