Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 22...23? Did I miss a week? Fudge.

Ahh...finally. Things are slowing down enough so I don't want to scream or pull out my hair. A relaxing and very lazy Sunday contributed greatly to my current state of serenity. I also got to spend the day with my honey and headed out to see Zombieland, which was quite a hoot. Blood, zombies, more blood and humour. Gotta love it. 

I have been on the workout train all weekend too...including this evening despite my decided lack of desire to do anything but apply ass to couch. Damn, I am good. 

The other highlight of my weekend was buying some size 12 jeans at Old Navy. The 14s I bought in late August were literally falling off my ass. I know some of it was stretch because the 12s are ti-ight. Getting better though as I wear them. I guess they look good 'cause I got another, "Wow, you've really lost weight," at work today. :) Yeah, I have! 

Well, not much lately. Still stuck at the big 185. Guess the bod want's to hang onto the next chunk o' me for a while longer. Oh well. I will just keep on keepin' on, and we'll see if I can't wear down those bastard scale gods. Yes. Yes I will. 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 185

Exercise: 40 min.


Fat Daddy said...

That's great getting into the size 12. And staying with the exercise when you want to much to just be on the couch. I can sure relate to that.

Organic Meatbag said...

The jeans at old navy are not "fat" friendly to guys either... I made the mistake of getting a pair once and nearly castrated myself...not good...

The Recommended Librarian said...

You did lose a lot of weight last week, and the week before that as well, so keep that in mind. You may not be as stuck at the "big 185" as you think. You can do it!

Carlos said...

awesome clothes nsv!