Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vegas, you oughta be in pictures

Not a lot to report today. Ate pretty well, but ended up spending the day at the hospital with my friend. Her little guy had to have surgery. :( My only time to work out was after dinner, and it was WAY TOO HOT. Ohhh my humidity. I thought I'd give y'all some pictures to peruse. Tomorrow, I work out!!

Just Chillin'

Hubby hamming it up at Caesar's

Amazing dinner...looked/tasted even better with the sauce, and Jason's $50 steak was DIVINE

NY NY Hotel...cooolness

Our hotel...miss it already! 

Paris Hotel as it's meant to be seen!

Mix is for pussies

Laser light show on Fremont St. Downtown Vegas

This is my sad "no Cheesecake Factory" face. I really wanted to try it! 
(don't cry for me, we went for lunch the next day)

All dolled up in the famous black dress! 

There are a ton more pics, but this is what you get! :P We had such a great time. I ate some great food, and amazing dessert, and I can't say I really regret eating anything! 

See you soon! 


IT IS ALLY said...

So very, very jealous. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Carlos said...

dude! straight from the bottle? my kinda people!

TC said...

Ally: I live to inspire jealousy in others. Your blog is awesome! Thanks to Mr. London Street for sending me your way.

Carlos: That's the way I least for a sip while the pic was taken!

Coley said...

Great pics, you look so lovely! I think we need a full body shot of famous black dress, m'hkay!?? Us women need to know what SHOES were paired with it! haha

ANywho, glad you had a great time! Ohhh Cheesecake factory, I've never been and I so wanna go!

TC said...

Coley: Thank you! As for full-bod shot, I may have something, but the shoes don't show! I am not a heels kinda gal, so I wore some strappy black sandals with a kitten heel. The CF was AMAZING and so so tempting! I am really glad there isn't one near me, or I would seriously gorge. I mean, really, chocolate-chip cookie dough cheesecake!?!? KILLIN' ME!!

Sanctum's Muse said...

I had a $50 steak once...Kobe beef in Kobe, Japan. Only eight bites of steak in the piece, but the most AMAZING stuff I had ever put in my mouth. Ever.

Looks like you had a blast!

LV said...

i wanna go!! looks lovely xx

Organic Meatbag said...

Haaa! I got my picture taken with Caeser on my cruise to the Bahamas in 2006...that dude gets around...and I'm jealous...I want to go to Vegas...