Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today's Forecast: owww...with chances of more owww

(I just thought this pic was kinda funny)

I'm hurting already. It bodes not well for tomorrow. In my efforts to change up my workout, I went to my building's wee, sad gym with hubby. We biked to warm up, then I alternated between upper body weights and The Beast. The Beast is a star-stepper machine from circa 1960. It is truly an evil entity masquerading in metal, rubber and springs.  Doing one minute on The Beast is like an eternity in sweltering hades during which really persnickety demons stick hot pokers in my calves and various other  muscles. I did two minutes my first time on. Huge victory. When I was working out two years ago, I could barely get past 1 minute. I hope to conquer The Beast in five minute intervals one day. On the weights I worked on my upper back, chest, triceps and biceps. And did I mention...owww

I spent the earlier part of my day cleaning out my classroom for the summer. Going back to the school during summer break (even early summer break) well and truly sucks. I did manage to get it done. Although, the quality of my "cleaning and organizing" degraded markedly as time went on. I started out neatly placing things in my cupboard and organizing papers...and eventually I was pretty much just chucking it in randomly. I know I'll open the doors in September and be buried in an avalanche of textbooks and paperclips. Oh well. It's done! 

I didn't eat a whole lot today. I started out with my very favourite cereal of all time, my Kashi Go Lean Crunch with sliced strawberries. I had to head out to the school before lunch, so I brought a nutribar and water with me. When I came home, I was busy, so I didn't think of eating a snack. Then, Jason came home and we went to the gym. After that, we made high-fiber pasta with healthy choice vegetable-laden sauce with added chicken, onions and peppers. Mmm chicken spaghetti! What was really weird, was that I was hungry about two hours later. I had a 40 cal fudge pop, which didn't help. I drank water rather than eat anything else. I hate feeling hungry. I am more used to it now, I have to say. Before, I'd eat pretty much the instant I felt hungry. Usually I didn't think too much about what I put in my pie hole, as long as it killed the hunger pangs. I am glad I am more choosy when it comes to snacks now. 

Tomorrow we are heading south to visit my mom at the campsite she's staying at. I don't know what lunch will be...or dinner...which worries me a bit.  I also have a feeling there will be s'mores. Luckily, though I love the marshmallow and chocolaty goodness, I only usually have one or two. 

Oh, and yesterday I was unsure what I was going to eat at the restaurant, and I stumbled upon something really great! I had a turkey wrap! It was roast turkey with lettuce and tomato on a salsa wrap. So good! It was supposed to come with bacon and mayo, but I asked them to omit the bacon and give me a wee bit of mayo on the side. I put the tiniest bit on it for flavour. I had the fries, but I ate less than half of the serving they gave me. God they were good. Ok, that's not helping with my hunger issue! 

Oh, and before I forget! I wanted to say thank-you to all my lovely followers, new and old, for joining me on this journey. I hope I will hear from some of you quiet ones hiding in the back there. :) 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 198

Exercise: 25 min.


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I hate that hungry feeling. However, after all this time it's nice to be able to actually discern the difference between actual hunger and boredom hunger. Now it's up to me what I do with it...lately it's been heading to the fridge. Not so good. Depressing actually.

Good for you for making better choices!

Debra said...

I'm one of the quiet ones hiding in the back. You are about the same weight as I am. I got the food bit down, I just need to work on the exercise. It's just not my thang.

Craig said...

I like to try eating healthy but filling foods at dinner. They expand in your stomach and help with that full feeling. I also learned a new trick recently. After dinner I constantly drink water or decaf tea until I go to sleep. It helps to keep the hunger at bay before it really starts. Keep up the good work.

TC said...

Debra: Thanks for stepping forward! I know what you mean about exercise. It's a battle of wills for me every time I drag my butt off the couch to do it. I've NEVER liked exercise. Do you have a blog too? Love to see it if you do!

Ugly Girl: (have a hard time callin' you that knowing you are far from it!!). YES bored hungry! I have a feeling that's what it was last night. Good luck avoiding the fridge...that siren song can be sooo luring.

Craig: I like the water drinking trick too. I thought the pasta would be very filling for a while (usually I'm ok after dinner), but as I said, it may have just been boredom! Are you just starting out your web page then? I checked it out yesterday. :)