Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I think my leg muscles have decided to contract, then go on holiday to Cabo or something. I have NEVER been in this much leg pain in my whole life. Walking hurts...sitting down hurts...standing up hurts...stairs are now akin to the worst of the medieval torture devices. Ow, OW and DOUBLE OW!  I basically did squats for five hours yesterday . Try it sometime. If you hate yourself and like pain. I'm stiffer than a thirteen-year-old boy in a lingerie shop, and I walk with the grace of someone with a pole shoved up their ass! 

This whole day has been torture! I managed to ride the bike, but couldn't go up to my usual resistance. I think I felt better after. Then I sat in my car for 1/2 hr to go to my mom's again, and oooooohhhhhh noo. Tightened back up again. This time, I got smart and bought a little stool to sit on. Thank god for it, otherwise I don't think I could've done more! To top it off, we didn't finish the floor! Why might you ask? Well, total lack of skill helps. :P My mom cut one board in tiny increments FIVE TIMES. I was like, cut more mom. No, more. JEEZE...MORE! I didn't lose it though. That was some restraint! My favourite was when we spent an hour doing one board. Yup. Let's see the things we fucked up:

1. Cut the wrong end of the board
2. Cut too much off
3. Didn't cut enough off
4. Cut the wrong part of the board. 
5. Used the wrong board, period

Yeah, we are




If it weren't for the cutting around doorways and dealing with her frickin' thousand miles of mouldings (coupled with our tiredness and aforementioned total lack of skill)...it wouldn't have been too bad! Mom actually refused to measure after a while. Things picked up after that. Hmmm. 

Anwyay, no more laminate floors!

I kinda cringe to think of what I ate today...let's see...

Two small pieces of leftover pizza
Couple pieces of apple
Very small tuna sandwich with green onion and lettuce on brown bread
One slice leftover pizza

Hmm...yeah. Not the best day. My mom's fridge is pretty empty of anything edible, so no big sack choices. I would have had more apple, but we were so busy cutting and re-cutting, it got a bit forgotten. 

I have to say, I am feeling smaller these days! My lovely MIL actually told Jason I looked skinny! She needs her prescription checked, but still, very sweet! I'm sure I will have days where I feel huge and bloated (ladies, you are feelin' me here), but right now, I feel awesome (until I try to move my legs, of course!).

Hope everyone had a great day in the blogging world. 

Countdown to Vegas: six days!

Stats for the day:

Weight: 195

Exercise: 30 min (plus 6 hrs of putting down laminate floors)


Fat Daddy said...

Advil is your friend. Here's a potential bright note. After big jobs like yours, I too am sore. The swelling, however, also comes with water retention, which as it equalizes helps me sling shot off a little extra.

Hope it works for you.

13 year old boy...classic

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Ouch is right! Damn girl I feel your pain, for me it's been my back randomly seizing up. The first time it was three days until I could breathe normally!

Love to hear those skinny comments, but I'm the same way, I don't believe it either lol.

Carlos said...

ouchie but at least great exercise!

Madame DeFarge said...

You now know that exercise of any sort is bad for you. That's why I avoid it at all times.

Weight Loss Guru said...


Graham Librarian said...

25 pounds. Yeah! Keep it up.

TC said...

Fat Daddy: God, I hope you are right. Somethin' good has to come outta this pain!

UGWBH: Ohh noo...back pain is the worst!! I live in fear that mine will seize up again, since the last time was hell on earth. Feel better!

Carlos: Yeah...exercise...torture...whatever. :)

MDF: I should really just follow allll your sage advice!

Ash: Thanks lady. :) Can't wait to visit youuu!

Anonymous said...
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