Monday, July 20, 2009

I. Hate. Laminate. Floors.

I am sore. I am tired. I am dirty. Laminate flooring and I do not get along. Laminate floors can suck it. 

It's not like it's hard to do, it's just annoying! My mom's floor has angles in it, which need to be cut, and there has to be this friggin' gap between the laminate and the tile for the strip of moulding, which needs to be cut as well. And the edges of the boards chip sometimes when they are tapped in, so they have to be replaced. And sometimes, we just fuck it up and have to re-do it! I spent most of the day crouched down holding the end of the boards down...then up again to get more boards, or tape, or the hammer, or something else. Fuck me. Did I mention it was really hot and I was sweaty? 

Ok, yes, I am a whiny baby. I'll admit it. I helped my mom put in her floors for five hrs. today...and she wants me to GO BACK TOMORROW. Gawd. 

I didn't work out today or yesterday. Yesterday was Harry Potter day, and then BBQ at the MIL's. I spent most of that day miserable because my eye was bugging me. Turns out I have a lovely infection. Eye goop anyone? 

So yeah, I am tired and annoyed and infected and I have to wear my stupid glasses for five days. 

I guess the happy in all this is that I didn't over-eat this weekend.  I had a few treats, but I don't think they resulted in any excesses in my calories for the day. On Friday, I had a very small slurpee and two sour candies. Saturday my indulgence was a thin slice of delicious choco cake at my cousin's pig roast. Mmm pig. Yes, the pig was fantastic...cooked for 8rs. I ate a wee bit of a few things, and was no where near full after.  I will post a pic or two when I have more time and energy.  Last night I had a small piece of cake with strawberries. Mmm. 

Friday and Saturday I did work out, and I am going to work out tomorrow before Laminate Hell Day 2 begins if it KILLS me. 

Oh, and the other good thing is that I am now down 25 pounds!!! Yayyy! 

Stats for the day:

Exercise: 5 hrs of up, down and hauling floor boards

Weight: 195!! 


I'm the Fat Daddy. said...

25 pounds! That's kickin'butt. A hard days work can really help too, especially in the days after as the soreness and any swelling wear off.
Good for you.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Congrats on the 25 lbs loss!

I've never done laminate flooring before but from the sounds of it I must concur. Laminate flooring can suck it!

Carlos said...

awesome loss and umm putting down flooring??!!! I can't even put together a tv tray! rock on bobby vila

TC said...

Fat Daddy: Thank you! Can't wait for the soreness to go away...ohhh man.

UGWBH: Oh, you don't wanna do it! Stay away! Or better yet, hire some burly, shirtless men to do it for you. :)

Carlos: OMG, if Bob Vila were dead, he woulda just turned over in his grave, rebuilt his coffin in a spiffy Tudor style, and then died all over again. I gots NO skills! But, somehow, the floor looks fantastic. Thanks for the kudos though! :)