Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 47: Sand, puppy and questionable food choices...

What a lovely day spent with my mother here:

We brought along the 2 month old golden lab that she is training to be a service dog. 

Everyone, meet Lexus...

And here she is in the ocean for the second time in her life:

Waves are cool, right? 

After a few minutes of exploration of "the deep" I took this picture:

Mmm....warm spot

I wanted a pic of me for here, but perhaps she was a little far away....still hate it! 

Yes, a very good day. :) I have to admit though, I knew going in that I was going to eat an unhealthy lunch. Eyes wide open folks. I just couldn't pass up fish n' chips at the beach! Sooo goood. My mom is the queen of fish and chip pushing since it's her favourite thing to do. As my concession to better health, I didn't eat all my fries. Eh, eh see? Not a total loss, me. 

To compensate for what I'm sure could be scientifically calculated as an assload of calories at lunch, I ate a rather small dinner. It was challenging 'cause Jason, dear husband that he is, made garlic mashed potatoes. Smelling them cooking on the stove alone is an olfactory delight! He just mentioned that he could have eaten my entire portion of potatoes in one bite. Yup, he's watching me type my blog this eve. Nothing on TV, my dear? :) 

Of course, after my culinary indescretion of battered and fried loveliness, I had to work out. Put in some bike time with weights. Probably burned off the fries. Or not. :P

One small note: I waiver between feeling really good about losing 15 lbs. and thinking, yeah, I look thinner, and thinking, OMG I am so fat, what the hell is going on here! Pictures from today don't help with the latter. I guess it's just more motivation to do what needs to be done to be happy with those pictures. So I am doin' it. 

A few more pics....

Just playin' with b&w

Saved the best for last...


Stats for the day:

Weight: 204 

Exercise: 35 min. 


Coley said...

Seriously, how CUTE is Lexus?

Olfactory delight - bejeezles - garlic mash, that is quite the delight, I agree. not to mention fish n chips... on the beach means fosho they're tasty! I live in a landlocked state, our f-n-ch's aren't so delightful, even at their best.
Only because I've had good ones, oh yes, I have. Mmm. I'm glad you enjoyed them eye wide open. That's what's important, being conscious! Life will continue, before, during and after weight loss and enjoying the delights is part of it :)

Thanks for your comment on my page - very mucho appreesh.

You look pretty in your pics, btw. You really do, such a purty girl. I know we are all extra hard on ourselves when we feel a certain way and then see ourselves in pics its like "Oh nice... I spent that long on my hair... because???" But you do look great, and the hotness shall only continue with you girl!

Madame DeFarge said...

A very cute dog. Especially liked the last one. I loathe having my photo taken, as I think that I look dreadful. I envy you looking so natural in yours. Looks like it was a fun day.

Kaylea Cross said...

You're only human, Tam! Cut yourself some slack and be proud you skimped on the spuds and then hit your bike. And that is the cutest puppy...I want one, but Todd won't let me get one. Something about too much work, poop in the yard, chewing and barking... He forgets about the amazing cuddles and those sucky brown eyes looking up at you with worshipful adoration.
Keep up your hard work--it'll pay off in the end (pun intended). I'll get out my pom-poms for you and cheer you on. Hang in there!

TC said...

Coley: You are such a sweetheart!! Thank you for the lovely comment. It is SO important to be aware of what I am eating. My biggest downfall is mindless eating. Oooh... I feel bad your fish and chips options are so low-grade! Living close to the ocean has its perks. :)

Mme: Thanks for the sympathy. :) I am working on loving myself in pics a bit more.

Kari: I AM pretty proud that I am working out so much. Sorry to hear you are longing for a pup and can't have one! You are still my writing inspiration!!