Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 45: If I had balls...they'd be shweaty

Crass, but true. 

It's ridiculously hot right now even though we are just on the very threshold of June...and it's nearly 10 p.m! 34 Celsius today?!?! You've got to be shitting me! You know it's hard enough to type when my body is rapidly melting into a pile of fleshy, inert goo, let alone work out! 

Today I think I ate a good amount of fruit and/or veg which I am kinda proud of since they aren't my forte. Lemme see...I had:

a banana
a bunch and a half of grapes
a baked potato

I also drank a cup of juice that has 2 servings of fruit and veg. That's (basic math skills don't fail me now) EIGHT servings! 


Just basking in the glow of all those unfamiliar nutrients now...ahhh.

Maybe the added vitamins will help speed along this accursed cold I have. Here's hoping. It was very very hard for me to get motivated to drag my butt off the couch and work out with the heat and the stuffed up nose. So I was sitting on the couch,  and it was the usual time...8:00 or so. I was contemplating not doing it, but then I felt something niggling at me...what is that?And then it hit was that pesky little pound that had jumped back on me, most likely due to four days of inactivity (not in a row, mind you). That did it.  No way I wanted to gain weight because of an annoying head cold and stupidly warm temperatures. 

But, due to the iron strength of my will (same will that has overcome the urge to gorge on that errant bag of M&Ms laying around my house, flaunting itself whorishly whenever it gets the chance) I did get on that bike and I did get even more sweaty. Hate to sweat. Really. Hate. It. 

I just know I have to keep working out as much as possible if I'm going to lose this weight for good. Plus, I really want to be down under 200 by the end of June. Five pounds! C'mon, five measly, pitiful little mewling pounds. No problemo, right? That leaves the rest of summer to knock off those last 20 lbs. Please don't hate me, my lovelies, but I am not working this summer! Yes! Freeeedom! It is very much needed though. If I don't get a break, I will return to work in September a very cranky, stressed-out teacher lady to be sure. The best part of a free summer is having loads of time to work out. Of course, flip side, I have loads of time to peruse the cupboards and snack to stave off boredom. Could be my downfall! But it won't be. My best bet is to get out of the house as much as possible and do some active do active people do?? Er...well, something to work on. :)

Only one more full week of work, and then exams, meetings and getting my classroom cleaned up for summer! Woo hoo

On an unrelated note, it's nearly 10:30 and I'm flippin' hungry! Damn. Come along now stomach and I'll fool you- I mean-  fill you with water. 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 205 (no worse, no better)

Exercise: 35 min. 


E_M_Y said...

I hate the summer!
I can never sleep because it's too hot!

Well done for eating all that fruit!
I just manage a banana and apple!

Terri said...

Hey, thanks for the very nice comment on my blog.

Great job on that fruit!

If this weight loss thing was as easy as the weight gain thing, we'd all have it in the bag, huh?!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

For me, going to bed hungry is a very empowering ability. I wake up to a yowling stomach, and breakfast tastes very, very good.

Good luck on your freed-up, weight-down summer.

Coley said...

Dang that bag of prozzy m&ms!! Prozzy's you can have em at a price. I have some at my house, they masquerade themselves in even crueler form - in a bag of trail mix. Sigh... salty and sweetl... weakness!
Alright, enough of my being trasfixed at the idea.
HOpe you feel better soon. All that earthly goodness surely will help you to health soon!
And 199 by the end of June - uh duh - of course you'll be there!