Monday, May 11, 2009

A bit more about my walk...

I was so bummed that I couldn't show you the gorgeous scenery from my walk yesterday, I decided to go searching online. I hope you enjoy the pics I found. :)

Location: Lower Falls Trail, Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia

This is an example of  the amazing moss-covered trees we saw along the trail. The climate is so damp that moss 
grows on absolutely everything. 

The most impressive sights were the huge stumps from the old-growth forest that once was. 

This is the pristine Gold Creek that we could see for most of our walk. In behind you can see the Coast Mountains. At this time of the year there is even more snow on them than you can see here. 

A similar view, with a bit more snow. You can see the emerald colour of the water here. We came across an artist sketching this view. Alyssa thought it would be really cool to swim across to the other side and hang out on that rocky beach. 

And here we have the pièce de resistance...the lower falls. Just stunning to see in person. 


chicamom85 said...

beautiful pictures!

RFlatstone said...

These are beautiful pictures, and it’s really neat that your walks allow you to see this kind of scenery. However, you got the pictures off the internet – you didn’t take them yourself, so they don’t count. :p Seriously, you need a new camera. I’m writing this on the 16th. You need it really, really soon!

And it’s really goof that you are putting up a good pizza resistance in that last picture, but that just makes me hungry.