Friday, January 6, 2012

Rules rules rules!!

One of the things that I hate most about diet plans is all the stinking rules. When I break a rule or stray from the path, I feel all bad and guilty.

Yesterday while grocery shopping (for the second time this week- more on that in another post), I got all excited when I checked and saw I could have some low-carb marinara sauce "in moderation." I bought the one with the lowest carbs and started planning how I could use it with my lean protein. I am so tired of chicken and salad already, and that prompted me to buy lean ground turkey this time around. I figured I could do the turkey with some diced peppers and onion with a bit of the sauce. Lemme tell ya, it was delicious!

 As you can see, I still got my trusty salad in there!
(and is it wrong that I wanted to go in and photoshop out that little splotch of sauce?)

So what's the bad, you may ask. Well, I forgot the rule that I am not supposed to eat carbs after 2pm, and the stupid sauce has carbs. I felt the bad guilties. Cheating already, even unintentionally kinda sucks.

The worst part is that it was my niece's birthday dinner last night, and my mom made her favourite dinner (and mine), lasagna with a big ol' birthday cake for dessert. But thanks to my cheater-sauce, I didn't feel all that deprived watching everyone eat lasagna. The hardest part was probably just the smell of that cheesy goodness baking in the oven. My mom even tried it and said it was really good. Yay me! When the birthday cake came out I was faced with another dilemma. Should I have a bit? On this subject I am of two minds:

1. Don't eat the forbidden sugar-fest. It is not on the plan and therefore eating it is bad bad bad. If I start to eat off plan foods, it could slippery-slope me all the way to a pizza and chipapalooza.

2. Eat a tiny sliver of cake. Life is short, and what diet is completely ruined by a smidge of cake.  Complete deprivation of all foods, especially on special occasions could also lead to bad binginess at worst and a feeling of frustration that the plan is too strict at best.

Even my 17 Day Diet partner said, "Just eat the damn cake," or something to that effect. So I ate the thinnest little sliver. And felt bad all over again. Sigh. I can't win.

I did feel better that, after the party people left around 9, I still got on the treadmill to do my 17 minutes of walking. I did it on an incline cuz I am badass like that.

But, I do know that in the grand scheme of things, some errant carbs and a couple bites of cake and icing will not be the end of my healthy eating. This morning it was all about the yogurt and grapes. I have leftover turkey for lunch and my snack bags of cut up peppers and carrots and my 2nd fruit serving of grapes. 

My next dilemma is a trip to Victoria next weekend, and then my own birthday the 18th. Um, why did I start this plan now??? Daaaaaaaaang girl, check your calander!  It's just such a pain in the ass. Eating like this while away blows! I will have to bring yogurt and fruit with us, or buy it there, then only eat at places where I can get a salad and some protein. We had planned to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner while we were there, and boy do I love me some of that sourdough bread and sinfully good garlic butter. Carb heaven! So I miss that? Then for my birthday, do I eat a friggin salad and chicken and leave out the birthday cake? Blargh! This sucks a whole lotta ass. Reason number 464 why I hate diets. Restriction sucks.

Oh yes, and I stepped on the scale today and I am down 2 lbs since Tuesday, so that is encouraging. I won't weigh myself again until next Tuesday, so we will see what the rest of the week brings. If you need me, I will be over here gnawing on some chicken.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, new follower. I like your thoughts on dieting. Didn't they call it 'lifestyle change' now? LOL, it's all a work in progress. That's the key though as you start out and retrain your taste buds and body to exercise and good healthy food. Progress, not perfection. Looking forward to seeing your progress!