Sunday, September 26, 2010

I may end up living in a cave!

Hey, hey hey! So I wanted to pop on here and tell y'all that I am officially homeless! I know I said we sold in my last post, but there was some drama that ensued after the offer was accepted. I chalk it up to them being newbie home buyers and not having a fracking clue. Also, they brought a friggin CONTRACTOR into the condo, and he proceeded to point out every tiny flaw that, of course, needed to be fixed right away! This resulted in them asking us for $4000 off the price to cover all the fixes. Um. No. You can't expect perfection in a 30 yr. old building people! Thank goodness we were able to work it out in the end, but man, that was some STRESS!

The current stress is to remedy our homeless situation by actually buying a new house! We looked yesterday, and saw some nice places, but we haven't hit on "the one" yet. We really are hoping for the ultimate trifecta, the holy grail of home buying, if you will...location, size and price.

In other news, I did the Terry Fox run at school last week and it kicked my ass. It was only 3.1k, and I couldn't even come CLOSE to running it all. I did that in 21:30...and I was sad. I am supposed to do a TEN kilometer run in less than a month here...holy wake up call Batman! I am going for a run in a bit here, before we head out for more house hunting fun. 

My weight is still exactly the same...I went down a lb for almost a week, and went back to my "standard" of 170 two days ago...and here I remain.

If I get my shit together here and do some regular exercise, I KNOW I can drop some more weight. I get more and more fearful the longer I put it's only a matter of time before that scale starts to creep upwards. I am shocked it's stuck at this weight for the whole summer, pretty much. I go...running time!

Oh, almost forgot! Got a lovely blog award from Sonja at Eyes on the Hourglass...Blogger of Substance it was. :) Thanks babe!

I know I am supposed to nominate more peeps, but really, it's a miracle that I am even blogging here, so let's not push our luck, mmkay?

One more thing...I find it shocking that my blogger friend Lara hasn't got 500 followers all commenting on her shit by now! She is a quality writer, and way funnier than me...AND she's kicking ass with her weight-loss right now. So get your blogging ass over there and FOLLOW her already! Jeeeze. Here's the won't regret it! My Big Fat Blog: A Reporter's Journey to Fitness

And while I am at OTHER amazing friend Cory needs some new readers. His blog does mention his weight-loss/running/working out efforts, but it's often more of a stage for his hilarious rants...must read it! Cory's Rabbit Hole.



Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

I hear ya on the running thing. The Pride Run is the one that kicked my ass and was a wake up call for me. You really do lose it if you don't use it. In other words you can't take long breaks from running and expect to be where you were it didn't help it was about a trillion degrees out that day.

I'm hoping my run in October will be much better. Fingers crossed!

Lucas said...

You know what? In my opinion, maintaining your weight during the stress of house selling/moving/buying drama is pretty frickin' great! Way to go there. As for the rest of things, hang in there. Losing more weight and improving your running stamina will happen. But as long as you're not gaining, I'd say you are doing A-OK!

Thanks for the links. I'll check them out.

Anonymous said...
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