Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who's a crazy bitch?? Oh yeah, ME!

I ran in the rain today, and I came to two realizations.

First, I may have mentioned before that, in my
pre-running days, when I saw someone running in the rain, I'd always think, "What a crazy bastard," or some such thing. To me, that kind of hardcore, weather-be-damned kind of attitude was akin to insanity. I couldn't comprehend what would drive a person to go out and do something as unpleasant as running in the first place, let alone in terrible weather!

And that brings me to my realization. I have now run in the rain four times. I
am one of those hardcore insanorama running people! And I have to say, as I ran with driving rain pelting my face, water dripping off my hat, my clothes soaked through, and watched as all these people drove past me in their comfy, warm, dry cars, or walked by huddled under an umbrella, I felt totally, comepletely badass.

It felt good.

It kept me going when my legs hurt, and I wanted to stop.

And I wondered, how many of those people drove by and saw my soaking wet ass slogging through the rain, and thought, "What a crazy bitch!"

Yeah, I kinda am.

And I like it.

The second thing I realized was that now that I'm not gasping and blowing like an exhausted farm animal, which caused various fluids to try to escape my body via my nose/mouth, I actually like running in the rain. Say what now? Yes, you read that right! I find it much easier than running when it's even mildly warm out. Plus, I got that whole
badassery thing going for me to keep my legs pumping.

So I took this pic to show my feelings about running in the rain:

Note the wet hair and hat- yet- the SMILE is there!

And then I was inspired to write a card for Jack Sh*t's W.I.D.T.H. (Why I Do This Here) thing. He's inspired a
ton (no not a weight joke!) of people to write why they are doing this changing lifestyle, weight-loss thing. I realized one of my motivations was this now:

Hells yes. Get out the white coat that does up the back 'cause
this crazy bitch is running in the rain with a smile on her face!


Alexia said...

Love your W.I.D.T.H.!! I'm amazed by people who run at all. So running in the rain sounds friggin amaze. I'm too lazy for that madness. XO!

Big Clyde said...

Those "run in the rain" types always seemed like tough jocks to me. Real athletes. Good for you for getting out there in wet conditions.

Fat Daddy said...

Hey I have not paid enough attention lately! Look at you! Running in the rain and everything.

That is so awesome. Seeing what is possible...what you can really do when you are inspired to challenge yourself.

...running in the rain is over-rated though. (written after 3 consecutive days of rainy runs)

Lucas said...

That IS bad ass chica! You know what ELSE is bad ass? Running in the heat and the sun and guess what??? You will be doing that too soon! Why? Because youa re a crazy bitch! That's why!

Also, you kick ass and you are hard core and you rock and you are a bad ass!!! :) I LOVE IT!!!!

Tricia said...

Well, I already knew you were a crazy bitch way before any of this running business :P That's why I like ya so much! But you're also a rock starrrrrrr. So cool, my hero <3

Seth said...

I ran in the rain yesterday too -- and I just smiled because I knew that I was hard-core. I knew that people would be looking at me thinking I was crazy. I loved it.

Samantha said...

I completely fell in love with running in the rain recently. And the funny thing is the harder it rains the more I enjoy it. Its refreshing and when you run in the city it reacquaints you with a bit of nature that often gets lost admist the skyscrapers.

Anonymous said...

When I see people running in the rain, I always roll down my window and yell, "YOU RULE!!"

And therefore, so do YOU!