Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 5 Day 3 can kiss my grits.

Couch to 5k update: I put the WK5 D2 eight minute run x 2 down like it was my bitch, yo. Yeahhhh. But tomorrow is the super-scary, turn-your-bowels-to-water TWENTY FRIGGIN MINUTE RUN. Which leads me to my rant (if you are offended by the word fuck, well, hope you stopped reading a few words back):

What the fuck Couch to 5k? Seriously, what the hell are you thinking? I ran eight measly minutes last time, and that was HARD. Now you expect me to run my ass twenty?!? What crack were you smoking when you came up with that nonsense? Up until now it's been nice, doable 3 minute increases week by week. Then WHAM you slap me with TWELVE more?! Kiss my ass Couch to 5k. You suck.

Psst! Hey!
This is for you:

Ahhh I feel better now. Don't get me wrong, I'm gonna run that bitch tomorrow, but don't think I won't be cursing the mastermind behind this program with every belabored step!

Other than that, I feel like eating everything. I remember this feeling from when I first started this weight loss thang. I ate more "normally" for a while when I thought I was only 2lbs from my goal or so (curse that scale directly to hades). I managed to maintain my weight for 2 months or so, which is super-duper keen and all, but then I discovered I was 10 lbs heavier than I thought, and I have been "trying" to lose it. Ha. And ha again. What I've been doing is eating exactly the way I was eating in maintenance, and maybe even more. I've been ravenous every day! It may be an effect of the running and weight training, but man. Empty stomach feeling all the time. Hungry every few hrs. So no weight is leaving me since I'm snacking and eating all the friggin time. Not that I'm eating crap exactly, just more food that normal. Blargh. I am going to try the carrot thing again. If you were with me at the beginning, you will remember I ate carrots all the time to curb the hunger. Carrots and baby greens and water will be my staples. I have been mixing some cooked chicken with my greens for some added protein, too. Maybe I'll add a small portion of hummus for my carrots. I hope this will pass as it did before. It's rather depressing to be feeling this way again over a year after I started this. Blargh again.

I don't really have any pics for ya...hmm. Maybe one I can share. If only I could feel this serene before doing my 20 minute run tomorrow!

OH! And I noticed that I'm only forty people or so away from getting 6000 hits on my blog. Maybe if YOU are #6000 you could say hi, and tell me how you found me! :)

Check the counter wayyy at the bottom there to see what number you are! And thanks for visiting. :)

One last thing! I forgot to add this to my original post due to my swiss cheese brain. Tricia, the fabulous author of Fight Fat Phobia is trying to get to 300 followers. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading her mighty fine hilarious blog styling, do so now, and FOLLOW her!

Also, I recently stumbled upon the Jessica, a fantastic blogger with wayyy too small a following for her pure awesomeness (seriously, she posted a pic of her booty- she is a god in my books!). So check her out too!


Tricia said...

5960! That is a big middle finger! It means business.

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

lol...... I felt exactly the same way entering that third run on week 5. What the fuck is right! Trust the program though girl...they know their stuff. You're body is ready. You can do it. Trust me, if this fat chick can, so can you!

Anonymous said...

AHhahahaha love it! Good on you and i like the finger - perfect touch! Seriously you will find the 20 is no different from the 8, you'll do good. On the lighter side, don't panic im back up to almost 220.... And no messurement change... Must be the gym too - getting stronger but ya im eating to much i think...argh

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I'm convinced the C25K development team was stoned out of their minds when they got to that 20-minute run business. There's simply no rhyme or reason, it seems, to go from 8 min intervals to a 20-min nonstop funfest.

I did it last week and I'll tell you this much: if you make it to the 18-min mark, you won't quit even if one of your legs falls off. You'll hop that last two minutes.

And btw... I did the 25 min run today.

You got this!

TC said...

Sonya: Lol! Ok, I am gonna do it! :)

Cory: You'd better be right about the 8 being like the 20 or I'll put ya on my hit list along with the Couch to 5k creator.

Jack: Whoo for you and the 25 min. run! I am inspired. Thanks for the pep talk!

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