Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shred week one is OVAH!

I wish I could say level 2 day 3 was any easier. I REALLLLY do. Nope. Still kicking my ass. Three weeks to go. Three...long...weeks.

The cool thing is that I am really noticing some more muscle coming in. It's like discovering new continents...fledgling wee continents just barely jutting jutting out from the thinning flab. How wondrous this new territory is! I can really see why people get into body building. I could watch that fledgling grow into a massive super-continent! Yeahhh! Oh, wait. No. I think female body builders are ick. Just that creepy combo of masculine and feminine. No thanks, lady Arnie, I am not. I don't want Madonna arms either. Wowzers, woman, cover those things up before you scare the children! All ropy and sinewy. Blech!

I am proud to say I have inspired yet another person to buy the 30 Day Shred DVD. I gotta go invest in some stock or somethin. Serious now. And bonus, I got an invite to kick said person's butt if she doesn't open it before end of December! Whoo! License to kick ass! Lol, not that I really want to, 'cause she is a sweet person. :) But watch out, Lisa, I'm comin' for ya if I don't hear some cellophane crinklin soon!

Oh! And most EXCELLENT news! My friend had her baby! She and her wee boy are doing just fine. :) He's really strong for a preemie and is breathing on his own with a lil' help from a c-pap machine. He was 4 lbs 6 oz and 17 inches long. So happyyyyy!!

Thus ends another fabulously shredded day.

Later y'all.


Fat Daddy said...

You're kicking ass Tammy, and dragging other people with you. And as long as that shred is hard, it is working you know. Good for you and those rapidly expanding muscles.

coloradosugar said...

Glad the baby is OK!!:)

TC said...

Thanks Ms. Sugar! :) I am very glad too!