Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hey y'all. :) I can't believe Christmas is fast this day came! I've been trying to Shred my ass this whole month, but both Amber and I have realized that this was the stupidest month to pick for a challenge. Not to say I am not totally happy with the results so far, I loooove the new muscle and strength I have, not to mention I am a teeny tiny hair away from 170 right now! But, it's really hard to get a workout in EVERY day during social events and shopping and all the stuff that comes with the holidays. I didn't Shred yesterday. I was home for so little time the entire day, it just didn't happen. I did walk to the mall to get my haircut though. I've got some pics to show ya at the end here.

So yesterday was BUSY. Started with the hair, then off to visit my good friend Lara. She used me as guinea pig to try her low-fat spinach and artichoke dip. OMG...amazingly good. I had about 7 chips with it. I came home and started to get ready for my night out, then ate 1/2 a sandwich for dinner and had a couple drinks- rye and diet coke- for the road. I had one more drink at the bar. I hate the empty calories, but I rarely drink, so suck it. :P

My friend Trevor and I went to see my friend Ross play at a bar in downtown Vancouver. They were awesome, as usual. The whole bar was into them, and they got the dance floor filled pretty quickly. The next band, the headliners, were a bunch of douchebags, I hate to say. They just...sucked. Trev and I bailed pretty early. We decided since we parked at the River Rock Casino to take the SkyTrain, we might as well do some gambling! I am happy to say, I am no longer a roulette virgin. I KNOW. Can't believe I've never tried it! It was fun. I lost my $20, and Trevor was up $65 when we left. Damn him. :P

Ross and Trevor
Such great guys, these old pals o' mine. :)

The three of us. We go back 23 (Ross) and 30 (Trevor) years!

Thanks to Trevor for pointing out we've known each other since Kindygarten. Rosser didn't join us until Gr. 6, so not quite as long. These boys were seriously awesome in their Adidas (short!) shorts with the socks pulled up to the knees. Lol, I miss that look...NOT. Ross has certainly changed with the tattoos and heavy metal stuff. You can see his mask there around his neck. He had it made for the show. That's just the crazy-ass way he rolls!

I weighed myself this morning and was very happy to see 171 on the scale. This month has just rocked for me! Now, the trick is to keep it off for the rest of the damn month. I love the downward trend I am on right now. My weigh-in is Monday, and if I can't post the 171, I will be PISSED. At myself. Big time.

Ok, gonna go Shred now. I will also work out tomorrow (yes, Christmas)!And Boxing Day, and the next day! That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it.

And here's my new do ('cause I know you care).

Very lonnng bangs.

Here they are a bit more tidy.

Gotta try it with the glasses!

I don't know if I'll be able to blog tomorrow, so I will wish all you fabulous peeps in bloggerland a very, very Merry (healthy) Christmas! Love ya!


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

As I said before, LOVE the bangs! December was a stupid month, stupid December! Have an awesome Christmas Tammy!

Veronica Lee said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Sanctum's Muse said...

Congrats on all the weight loss! You look as gorgeous as ever. Have a fantastic Christmas!

TC said...
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TC said...

Thank you ladies! Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year!

Lucas said...

You are BEE YOU TEE FUL!!!!!! Love the haircut, love the motivation and dedication and I think you actually picked the BEST month to try and do this!! Kept your ass on track during the TOUGHEST time of the year so YAY you! Merry Christmas! And come January, I'm shredding daily! :)

Tiffany said...

The hair looks FANTASTIC, as do you. You're kickassness this month is so motivating. I think I need to start shredding again.

coloradosugar said...

You look beautiful!!! Love the hair!:)