Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back on the Shred....and a little side-by-side action

Shred Day 3 finally happened on Friday, and I did Day 4 today. PHEW! And I have to say, level 1 is getting.


how can I put it?


Sounds crazy, but true. I need to move onto the next level. Tomorrow. I will do it! Yes! I don't fear level 2...noooo. The plank looks easy, problemo! (Um, you may be picking up on this, but there's a LOT of false bravado going on here).

Ok, so I put up a new pic on good ol' Crackbook the other day, and I scrolled through and hit upon the pic on the left there. OMG I look like a CHIPMUNK! Lookit the cheeks! Lol, so this was a bit of a shocker at how much my face has changed. Wish the pics were more similar, but I think you get the point. :)

Left: Summer '07 205 lbs Right: Fall '09 177 lbs

Thanks to my awesome friend Troy in Chicagoland for doin' that for me!

The other cool thing today in the category of NSVs was at a clothing store today. I was trying on this tunic length plaid shirt with a slight gathering under the bust, and I was commenting that it could look like a maternity top. The saleslady said, "Oh no, you're too skinny. No one would ever think you are pregnant!" Um...wha? Me? Skinny? HAHAHAHA! Ok, take some more crack lady. Still, maybe she was plying my ego with flattery as to gain a sale, but...ya know...I'll take the compliment. I know I am nowhere NEAR skinny, but it's kinda cool hearing the "s" word thrown my way, notheless. :)

Tomorrow...more shredding action on LEVEL TWOOOOO!! AHHH! I also get to go for coffee with my new friend in weight-loss, Cory, and hear all about my sis's trip to Mexico.

Oh, and did I mention the hungries are back? DAMMIT. I want to eat the house again. Not gonna though. I want to see 175 on that damn scale on Monday!

Later all....stay tuned for the wreckage that will be me tomorrow after level 2!


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

You're beautiful either way silly girl. Congrats on the NSV! Can't wait to hear how your first level 2 day went. Mine was....

Tiffany said...

I agree, you look beautiful in both. That being said, the difference is remarkable.

Coley said...

EASY??? BAH!!! How about - just ready for stage two!!?? haha, I will be doing part 2 come Tuesday - so just one more day of 1. I finally made it through today with doing all the jumpropes - I was doing half-arsed jump ropes lol.
And the squat and push-in-the-air things are hard - oh and I never complete ALL of the side lunges with the shoulder raise thingies - YOUCH AND BuRN!!
But yes, we shall move on!!

You look GORGEOUS, but I have to say, you look exceptional beautiful BOTH ways. My hubby loves chubby cheeks, so he was hootin' over your first pic ;)

Fat Daddy said...

The pics say it all Tammy. You look great. And you will kick the shred's ass.

And if I were you, I'd lap those compliments up with a spoon! That is some real feel good stuff, and you have earned it.

Stephanie said...

You really do look beautiful in both photos, but I can see the difference. Congratulations!
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