Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 24 and lots of turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadian people out there! With Thanksgiving comes many a food pitfall. I think I fell into one. I didn't eat THAT much, but I had TWO different dinners. One at my mom's and one at Jason's mom's. Ugh. Tonight I feel really full. There was this brownie pudding devil concoction for dessert that just KILLED me. Otherwise, I don't think I did toooo badly. I even worked out today despite feeling very run down and crappy from this cold I am getting. I felt like I really had to do it, since I didn't work out Friday or Sunday. I really had fun with my friend Ashland this weekend though! 

On Saturday we went up to Golden Ears Provincial Park and did a 5k walk to some falls. The astute and long of memory out there, may remember I did this hike near the beginning of my blogging journey. We went with my sis and her kids and even had a picnic by the river. Nice. :)

Cool thing...don't think I look like the "Fat Girl" in the picture! 

Lovely walking trail.

Three amigos! Ground was c-c-cold though! 

Buds for nearly 30 years. :)

My favourite view on the trail.

Finally, the falls! 

Sunday we headed off to visit Ash's old family friend and his family. Very nice people. Then she left for Washington, and I started Turkey Dinner #1. Mmmm

Me and hubs after dinner. We don't look TOO stuffed! 

So now I sit, a bit overly full from the devil brownie thing...feeling a bit crappy, but still mildly happy since I did manage to work out. Here's hoping the scale gods don't punish me for my weekend transgressions! Speaking of transgressions, take a peek down the side of my blog, and check out some truly cringeworthy "before" pics. These were really hard to post! The one is from my little stagette...and I had just lost 20 lbs. I knew I had a ways to go, but MAN I didn't think I was that big! The second picture is the only one I have from my really big days. Yes, there I am 75 lbs heavier than I am now. I have no words.

Tomorrow...back to work and back on track. Love to all of you blogging and flogging buddies out there. :)

Stats for the day

Weight: 185

Exercise: 35 min.


Shane P said...

When I pulled up your blog I was like WTH?? Thanksgiving but then I didn't know where you were from. That's so cool. MMMMM....Turkey, Dressing, Gravy, Deviled Food Concoction, woops sorry had to wipe the drool off the screen. :) Don't beat yourself up too bad. We all need to have at least a little flexibility. You and hubs make a cute couple. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Carlos said...

you canadians and your crazy holidays... looks like fun...

Fat Daddy said...

Wow, you have done so awesome! And surely you get a waiver for Thanksgiving. I hope we do, cuz that one is surely tough!

Those pics look so cool.

TC said...

Shane: A little drool on the 'puter never hurt anyone, right? :) I will try not to dwell on the calorie-fest!

Carols: Lol...yes, crazy holiday. What the heck is this "Thanksgiving" all about?!?

FD: Thanks :) I am scared to cast my eyes to the right and see those old pics, but it sure does show me how far I've come from THOSE days!