Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sucky Stucky

Still stuck stuck stuck. Stuck. Stuck like mud that sucks your boots off your feet. Stuck. Huh...stuck rhymes with suck...and this surely does. 

I gained 5 lbs overnight after Turkeyfest 2009 and then lost it again the next day.  I dare not try to figure out the crazy shit my body does. And where does that leave me? Oh yeah. Stuck.

Things I am proud of despite being in this gluey, muddy flypaper:

1. I ate well all week.

2. I exercised every day despite being sick.

So there ya go. Only the gods know if this will do anything to unstick me. Here's hopin. 

I was also thinking that I will take the leap and say that I am officially a size 12...I own three pairs of pants in that size and a skirt in an 11. Yeahhhh! For an amazon like me, that ain't so bad! 

Stats for the Day:

Weight: 185185185185185185185185185dammit185185185185185185

Exercise: 40 min.


Shane P said...

Glad to hear your Turkey melted away! We all get stuck we just have to make sure we rock back and forth hard enough to break free! Embrace size 12. Strut out in front of the mirror and give yourself a big atta girl!!

Fat Daddy said...

Ok it does suck to be stuck...but what the fuck?...can you do?

My lame attempt at predictibile poetry. How about unsolicited suggestions instead?

Keep up the pressure. Keep up or turn up the exercise just a smidge maybe. It will break soon...

Congrats on the 12 and the 11's. At least that shit has to feel good.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

A freaking size 12?! I think I might be a little jealous. You bag! lol jus kiddin...loves ya

Carlos said...

hang in there... stuck sucks cuck!

TC said... I love all my commenters!

Shane P: That's some great advice! I'm going to strut NOW!

FD: LOL! Awesome attempt at rhyme! Thanks :)

Amber: I know you hate it when I do this...but I can't use your email link on my stupid ass computer. So if you read this...PHHHHTTTHHHPP!!

But yeah, I feel the love!

Carlos: Hee hee! Yes it do!

The Crazy Woman Inside Me said...

The best part of your post was reading that you’re in a size 12--and an 11! Big congrats on that. I can’t wait until I’m there myself.

I’m sorry you’re stuck right now but, unfortunately, our bodies do that sometimes. It does suck, no doubt about it. Do your best to hang in there and keep eating right and exercising. It will balance out soon. :-)

Jessie said...

Girl, I'm tall too (5'8")! And size 12 aint' nothing to sneeze at! That's totally awesome. Also, I feel you on the staying the same weight. If I see my current numbers on my scale another week I will cut my scale's throat. It'll move though, from the sounds of it you're doing everything right! Good luck!