Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 12/13: Weekend Update (thanks Troy!)

I am so sad I didn't get to post yesterday. I just ran outta time in the day, and had to go to bed. I'm sure it will happen again, but I hate to miss a day. So this post will be a two-for-one special. 

Day 12

Today was my friend's son's 3rd b-day party, so I knew I had to get my workout in early. I did my step tape again, and I was SO happy to discover that it was much easier this time! I didn't feel like I wanted to die, and I used the weights the whole time. Woo hoo! Gettin' in better shape! I discovered a way to make this mind-crushingly familiar workout a bit more interesting, too. I was able to turn down the volume on the TV enough so that I could watch a movie on my laptop. Ohh, yes, clever lil' me. It was great though! I could still follow the routine, and the movie distracted me from the fact I'd done it six thousand times before (remember, I've had this tape for over 10 years). You might ask, why not get a new one? Well, I actually LIKE the workout this gives me. Plus I've tried others and some are just hard to follow. 

Oh, and food! I did eat. Look at what's happened here...missed a day and I'm all discombobulated (love that word). I ate cereal for breakfast, and that healthy chicken soup for lunch. I knew my friend was serving hamburgers...and a really kick-ass cake shaped like Thomas the Tank Engine, so I wanted to eat right for at least PART of the day! At the party, there was lots of yummy food, and chips etc. I didn't eat anything really, just a few veggies and a couple multigrain tortilla chips. For dinner, I had one of Lara's AMAZING burgers made with extra-lean ground beef, which she managed to make moist and delicious. God, that girl can cook!  I had a spoonful of her mom's potato salad- also very tasty. I DID have some of the famous "Thomas" cake, too and a dollop of ice-cream. It was yummy. :) Overall, I think I did quite well. Ahh yes, there was some minor sipping of a sparkling wine Lara had. I am not a big wine drinker, but it was GOOD! 

Day 13

I love Sundays. Usually I spend them on the couch watching TV or movies, interspersed with bouts of cleaning. Today, I had a mission, however. I wanted to go visit a friend I haven't talked to or seen in ages, save a few brief emails. 

There was no milk in the house, so I had whole-wheat toast with a skim coat of peanut butter. Let me tell you, this stayed with me a LONG time! I grabbed a nutribar for lunch, since I knew I wouldn't be home in time, and I really didn't want to eat out. My friend and I planned on meeting at 11 for coffee near his work, so I couldn't do my workout before I left. This made me a bit nervous, because my old M.O. would be to get lazy in the afternoon/evening and blow off the workout entirely. I COULD have woken up earlier, yes. But I like sleep. A lot. My weekends are MADE for catching up on the missed bits of it. So off I went, workout-less, into the morning sunshine. 

At Starbucks, I indulged in my favourite hot drink next to hot chocolate- a chai tea latte. Mmm. To me they taste just like Christmas. I did give the banana chocolate chip loaf the old hairy eyeball whilst waiting in line. gonna do it. Snack Monster did NOT follow me out the door. Of course, the Snack Monster is God...or Santa Claus (sorry to you religious folks for putting those two in the same sentence!). I bypassed the sweet treats and concentrated on the spicy goodness of my chai tea. Ahhhhhhhh. 

I ate my nutribar around one, and that held me until I got home around 3:30. I decided to have a handful of almonds and an applesauce cup. Oh, and water, of course! Dinner was this "lazy Sunday dinner"  turkey thing that is pre-cooked and all you have to do is nuke it. It's not the BEST food in the world, but it's not too bad. Jason made garlic mashed potatoes, and we had salad, corn and good ol' stovetop. I asked Jason after if he figured I ate about half as much as usual. He thought close to it. My portions looked VERY normal. Not normal for the old me of course, but my NEW normal. constant friend. I didn't want to work out when I got back from shopping. SHOCKING. I got hit by a really good case of the sleepies, and tried to nap. Trouble was, Jason left Star Trek on the TV, and I couldn't find the remote to turn it down. It's...really...hard to...ignore...Shatner's...bad acting. Finally, I gave up and got my butt onto the bike. Got in 25 minutes before I had to run to the kitchen and do my part of dinner. Better than nothing. Annnd...I belive that makes TWO WEEKS straight I've worked out! Dare I say...YAY ME? 


Stats for the weekend:

Exercise: 65 min. high-intensity

Weight: 211 lbs. 

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RFlatstone said...

Okay, first I was going to get all bent out of shape about the Star Trek comment, but then you made it clear you were talking about Shatner – I can’t defend him at all. So, you get a pass on that.

Second, no need to thank me on the title inspiration. You should really thank Dennis Miller and years of SNL in general. I think of it every Monday as I leave the office announcing “I am OUTAHERE!” However, I AM way encouraged to see my name mentioned in your blog, so thanks!

The problem with the “double blog entry” is it’s not like I can really double up the comment. Of course, I was a few days behind anyway, so you have three comments to read from me today anyway. Still, you shouldn’t feel too bad about missing the blog one day. Better that than skipping a workout, right? You CAN catch up on the blog. No matter what we tell ourselves, you can’t really catch up on exercise, even if you work twice as long the next day. It just doesn’t work that way.

The exercise while watching a movie is a great idea. I think I’m going to have to start doing that. Sitting on the couch is such wasted time. There is no reason I couldn’t get up and do something while taking in the entertaining goodness (or Shatner badness).

Keep it up, T, you’re amazing!